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{July 9, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #60

Thirteen things about my group vacation

I highly recommend everyone take a week off work and spend it relaxing with friends. Even though there were tons of vacationers in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge creating a traffic nightmare we still had a blast.

 1. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is beautiful. There are lots of places to stop and hike or relax.

  2. Rafting on the Pigeon River was amazing. Our guide had a great personality and made the trip a lot of fun. (You can’t see me in the picture, but I’m the 3rd yellow helmet back on the left side)

3. I got to spend time with my son-in-law and daughter, who I don’t get to see very often.

4. My daughter and son fell right back into their old habits of bickering over almost everything. Yes, some things never do change!

5. With so many people in one house I expected there to be difficulties but friends, new and old, got along great.

6. Our kids made great new friendships that will hopefully remain strong over the years to come.

  7. The husbands went grocery shopping and even cooked for us. They totally spoiled us.

8. Keeping such a large group fed was a challenge. We mostly kept things simple by cooking on the grill.

9. The ladies took over the dining table and turned it into laptop central. Many late night talks happened around that table.

10. Avoiding the crowds and watching fireworks from our balcony was very nice.

11. We had a great view from the balcony, which was a popular spot for reading and chatting.

12. Mornings made it obvious why they were named the Smoky Mountains.

13. I really love the mountains and hope to one day make a move from Florida to mountains in the west.

Our group vacation was so much fun that plans are already underway for our 3rd annual vacation next summer in either Las Vegas, Colorado or West Virginia.

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It looks like you had fun. Happy TT.

Jerry says:

Looks like it was a great time!

Happy TT

That looks like a wonderful time. You have a lovely family!

Looks like a truly awesome vacation. We’re headed to Shenandoah in a few weeks; I hope it’s as beautiful.

btw, it doesn’t take the ladies in my family to make the table look like laptop central. It’s our men, and there tend to be more computers than there are people.

(you also don’t look old enough to have a married daughter. Did you have her at age 10 or something?)

Nicholas says:

Lovely photos, and I’m jealous of that view!

that looks so fun and #5 is amazing

It was great! Thanks everyone.

I was 21 when I had my daughter, who is now 20.

Jill says:

Wow, it seems like a lot of planning went into that vacation, but you had a good time, that is the important thing!

Very very fun, Nic – thanks for sharing your adventure! The photos are wonderful and you look great!

Happy TT

Maisie says:

I’m glad that you enjoyed your vacation. It looks like a peaceful place. I haven’t been rafting in years – like 20.

sobeit says:

Looks peaceful….it also looks like everyone enjoyed the trip! happy tt!

Ann says:

Great pictures. And a great idea for a vacation. 🙂

I vote for Colorado. Having spent every childhood summer in the North Carolina/Tenn mountains, I can honestly say they aren’t real mountains. Colorado has real mountains. Where I live in NM – I’m at 7500 feet with a 14,000 footer about 10 miles down the road – those are mountains.

Sorry, just a little childhood venting. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

The Pink Flamingo

Lori says:

It looks like tons of fun. What a great trip. Happy TT.

Carol says:

Looks like a groupie, grooving, good time!

What a great idea. Those are memories you can’t buy. Happy T13!

LA Day says:

Looks awesome. Glad you had a great time.

Jennifer says:

What fun photos and memories.

Good to see you enjoyed your vacations! 🙂

Toni says:

Great pictures. I’m from TN so I have been to the Smokey’s several times and it is beautiful. But that traffic!!!
Glad you had a nice time! Come back now ya here!

Happy TT!

My son was married in Pigeon Forge. I liked Gatlinburg and the mountains, but PF was like Myrtle Beach without the ocean. Horrible place.

Chris says:

Sounds like it was a great vacation. Happy TT

Angie says:

Great photos. Looks like a beautiful vacation spot. No wonder everyone was smiling.
Happy TT!

bernie says:

When my wife and I go on vacation we always take our two boys their wives our grandchildren, nephews and nieces. Somehow it turns out to be fun.

Nicole says:

Sounds wonderful…looks wonderful!!!

What a gorgeous retreat! I love the mountains too. =)

Found you on the TT hub; thanks for sharing your lovely list!

Amanda says:

Sounds like you had fun, Nic. My husband and I just visited the Smokies last month. It really is beautiful there.

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