Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{June 18, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #58

Thirteen Things About Nicole Austin

1. Nicole Austin is a pseudonym.

2. It was created because of my children and is a combination of their names.

3. Nicole is my daughter’s middle name.

4. Austin is my son’s first name.

5. Having an alternate personality is difficult until you grow accustomed to it.

6. Now I answer to either name without pause.

7. Since writing doesn’t pay all the bills or provide health insurance coverage, I have another career—CT Scan Technologist.

8. For my next career I’d like to do something with visual art, perhaps creating website graphics.

9. My first attempt at writing a novel never reached completion and will never see the light of day.

10. My first two completed works have never been read by anyone other than me, although I am working on rewriting one of them.

11. I write erotic romance using elements from multiple sub-genre.
Fantasy (work in progress)
Ménage à Trois and More
Psychic Fiction
Science Fiction (ideas percolating)
Time Travel (idea being developed)
Vampire (just completed)

12. There’s only one I won’t try. I’m deathly afraid of Historicals. *shudders* Get a fact wrong in a historical and readers will tear you apart. It’s true. I’ve seen it happen.

13. I’m highly allergic to deadlines. They give me hives and exile my muse.

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westofmars says:

I hear you about the deadlines. I wish they weren’t a necessary part of writing.

melli says:

I’m not a writer – but I’m allergic to deadlines anyway!!! ANY kind of deadline… Good luck with your writing endeavors — but ya gotta let SOMEbody read ’em if ya wanna get ’em published! I’m just sayin’…

gdaybloke says:

Personally, I find my alternate personality to be charming and witty 😉

Thirteen reasons I wish I was going to Origins

Interesting story! It’s nice to learn more about you.

Nicholas says:

Do both your personalities submit tax returns every April?

Lori says:

Wow…very cool. I like the way you chose your name:) Happy TT.

Maisie says:

I like reading historical fiction for the history. But I wouldn’t know if something was incorrect. Yah. Those deadlines are irritating. But, they are necessary for me or I’d procrastinate forever.

Winter says:

Ugh. Deadlines. You should see my post called Storieos. It’s about all the cookies (aka stories and storylines) on my plate. LOL Great TT!

Nobody gets to read them until I think they are readable, Melli. LOL! They’ll get there eventually when I make it back to working on them.

Nope, Nicholas. I file one big tax return for both of me. *g*

Douglas Adams claimed to love the “whooshing” sound deadlines made as they passed him by 😉

Happy TT!

It’s amazing how pen names can take over you, eh? Hahaha!

Denise says:

I’m not fond of deadlines either, but “afraid of historicals”? C’mon. I’d never tackle shape-shifters or vampires, but historicals are easy. *grin* And, I’m out of my league with erotica. So, we all have strengths – just keep writing yours and you’ll be fine.

Happy TT!

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