Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{June 2, 2008}   Between A Ridge And A Hard Place by Annmarie McKenna


Is it love? Or sabotage?

After a year of being ignored as a woman by her boss, Morgan steps up her game—and strips down. What better way than a miniskirt to capture her hardheaded boss’s attention? The butt floss she can do without, but hey, if the ploy works…and it does, with spectacular results. Now if only she can keep him interested permanently.

Ridge can’t believe it when the woman he’s quietly lusted after for a year shows up dressed…or rather, undressed…to drop any man to his knees. Instead of worrying about winning a bid after losing the last two under strange circumstances, he whisks her to his place to demolish any notion she might have of changing her mind.

Then it becomes clear why his company is losing bids—there’s a mole planted in their midst. Ridge suddenly has to question Morgan’s sudden transformation from faithful P.A. to office vixen.

Is she the woman he’s been waiting for? Or a corporate saboteur sent to take him down?

Nic’s Recommendation:

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this book several weeks ago. As with all her other wonderful tales, you can’t go wrong if the name Annmarie McKenna is on the cover. From the first words to the last, I was reluctant to set this hot, fast-paced story down. Ridge is in a very hard place when it appears Morgan has been working against him. But Ridge’s faith in her remains solid. The two of them sizzle when they’re together. There were several times I worried that my ebook reader my spontaneously combust.

The secondary characters are great. I’d love to read Carter’s story. And Amy Lee…well, I spare you from details of what I’d like to see happen to her. Read the book. You’ll know exactly what tortures are brewing in my mind!

Between A Ridge And A Hard Place will be available from Samhain Publishing tomorrow, June 3rd. You’ll be sorry if you miss out on this great read!


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