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{May 21, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #55

Thirteen Reasons I’m Looking At New Cars

I’ve been shopping online and trying to decided if it’s the right time to buy. Here are 13 reasons I’ve been checking out new cars and comparing lists of features, specifications and options. I’ll probably be going for test drives over the next week.

1. $$ Gas. The deal through Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep that gets you 12,000 miles worth of gas per year at $2.99 a gallon for three years is going to save me a lot of money.

2. $$ Maintenance. My current car has all kinds of high performance equipment that costs a fortune to maintain and replace.

3. $$ Low % rate. My bank offered me a great deal

4. $$ Cash back incentives

5. No haggling nightmares by using my bank’s purchase program

6. Leg room. My son, at 13 years old, is already 5’ 9” and wears a size 11 men’s shoe. He needs more room!

7. Better warranties available

8. New and improved safety features

9. Fun new car gadgets to play with

10. I enjoy driving and actually know about things like displacement, torque, horsepower…

11. New car smell (even though it’s supposed to bad for you)

12. Showing off the new car to friends and family

13. Because I want one

The big dilemma—deciding whether luxury or muscle is more important to me both right now and in the long run.

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I wish you luck!!!! I just filled the car’s tank today [22 gallons] and it was nearly $85. Ridiculous.

Stop by if you can.

I suspect this could have been a Thursday One, bearing in mind #13 🙂
And why not!

Ouch, that had to hurt, Anni!

Exactly, Anthony. Why not! Now I just have to decide which one. 😀

gdaybloke says:

I spent a lot of time shopping for vehicles before ending up with a Volkswagen Beetle, of all things. Not an immense amount of trunk space, I admit, but it’s great on gas and there’s a surprising amount of flexibility in terms of space.

And for the record, I’m 6’1″. Plenty of legroom for me in the front seats.

Lost Hemisphere’s 15th T13 – What are YOU looking for?

Michelle says:

Great TT. We have also been looking into new cars. I drive a Chevy Silverado Truck. It’s a gas hog. Need something that’s better on gas mileage. Happy TT

Kay says:

You go, Girl! Go get that new car!

According to my father, if your vehicle is paid for (completely) you are sometimes coming out ahead not to get a new one unless you are paying cash for it. He seems to think the interest payments alone are more expensive then an increase in gas prices.

The Pink Flamingo

(wanting a new sports car)

Get a truck and you won’t be disappointed. I had a luxury car, I had the soccer mom mini van, hated both- bought a truck and love it! It has plenty of leg room for the tall kids (my son is 11 and wears a mens size 10 so I know what your talking about). With a truck, you get luxury and power! I am a led foot and love power but I also like luxury, I am happy with the truck. I am up too.

I’ve got both… luxury AND power. And the Tour Manager (all six-four-and-a-half of him) fits inside. There are actually cars he can’t fit into unless he sticks his head out the sunroof. Oops.

I’ve been looking at the Chrysler 300C and the Dodge Charger RT. Both are V8s. The Chrysler is sporty but more toward the luxury side. The charger is all muscle and a lot more horsepower.

Great list. I’m sure you’re only one of many who will be shopping for a more economical car. Happy T13!

Sue says:

I liked your #13 reason best 🙂 Happy TT!

Cheerio says:

That’s a big decision. Hope you do decide which one is good for you.

I’m thinking of trading in the buggy for good sneakers and a flat in the city!

Tammy says:

Isn’t it sad that we think $2.99 is such a great price for gas that car companies are using it to sell cars. We are looking for a car that get’s better gas mileage too. Happy TT

marcia v says:

Have fun we just bought in march and I am so happy w/ my new CRV . that gas deal seems so worth it

Shaunesay says:

Alrighty, so #1 is just scary that we now consider that a good deal! Regular gas in my city today $3.71 a gallon… why oh why did we buy my husband a mustang last year? Seemed like a good idea at the time… le sigh…

Good Luck car shopping, it’s fun and frustrating at the same time! 😉

It’s very sad that $2.99/gallon gas is a good deal!

My neighbor bought a Prius Hybrid last year and she loves it and that beats the $2.99 a gallon deal too. Some of the Hybrids have Federal tax incentives too.

I want a van with great gas milage. They DO exist. I’m told.

Good luck with it. I hope you get your new car. 🙂

LA Day says:

#13 is the best. My dh has been looking too.

December says:

ugh – not a fun task in my book.
I’ll drive my 1998 sunfire until its on its last wheels!

Congratulations on the good interest rate from your bank! I’ve heard that with the “credit crunch,” low APR’s are becoming more and more rare. I didn’t know that the “new car smell” was bad. Kinda sad, isn’t it? Happy hunting! (And thanks for visiting my TT)

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