Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{May 3, 2008}   Latest Shopping Find

This is too good of a find not to share. I found an online store called The 15 Dollar Store.

They have everything from sunglasses and shoes to jeans and formal dresses. Everything is only $15 and if you spend $100 the shipping is free. The catch, its juniors sizes and they only have certain sizes available in each item, but you can find some great deals.

For example, I found the gown below for $15. So far its the only thing I’ve ordered because I’m unsure of the juniors sizing, but I figured even if I can’t wear it, I can sell it at a consignment shop.


I love it! I hope it fits. If not maybe you could send it my way?

OMG! I’ve told you lately that I love you? There’s just one problem. You’ll have to send the um… Well let’s just say I don’t think it’ll look any good without surgery. LOL
Could I sew some padding in do you think? It’d be cheaper than surgery.

Yes, you’ve told me.

Ah. Sorry, can’t send you my DD twin sisters. The shipping costs alone…ROFL! Padding would work. They have those little silicone pads now that you put in the bottom of a bra to fill them out.

Gorgeous dress! And the price is perfect too.

Thanks, NJ! I’m hoping the sizing works well so I can order more.

Got the dress today and its gorgeous. Sorry, Rachel. It fits like a dream so I’m keeping it.

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