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{April 2, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #49

Thirteen Things I Can’t Forget To Do

There are 13 days left until the Romantic Times Convention in Pittsburgh. Ack! I have so much I have to get done before getting on that plane! Here are 13 things from my to-do list.

*Note: I will not be posting a TT during Convention week since I will be busy but will be back after that with tons of pictures.

1. Pack up and ship promo stuff to hotel (insure and get tracking numbers)

2. Figure out how to get all my shoes and clothes into only 2 suitcases without going over the baggage weight limit

3. Pick up last minute necessities (Sharpie markers, frame for promo poster, pantyhose, CHOCOLATE!)

4. Find charger and charge camera batteries

5. Take car to be serviced so my mom doesn’t have car troubles while I’m gone.

6. Practice walking in high-heels so I don’t face plant (I usually wear sneakers, flip flops and Crocs)

7. Help AJ finish his science project (It’s due while I’m gone)

8. Back up laptop hard drive just in case

9. Confirm car service, hotel, airline, etc.

10. Get manicure/pedicure

11. Clean work junk out of laptop case

12. Enter in vacation hours at work or I’ll be crying when I get my paycheck

13. The biggest thing for me is to breathe, relax and try not to be a shy wallflower. I’m much better at sitting behind my laptop writing! Of course with The Hussies (Nathalie Gray, Sahara Kelly and Ciana Stone) all standing by my side it will be much easier. Gonna have to figure out a way to confiscate Ci’s camera though. Ack!

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Fed Ex everything!

Do you find these conferences do any good? I”ve just about given up on the ones in my field.

The Pink Flamingo

Nicholas says:

Do you really need to take chocolate? Sorry: silly question!

Lori says:

It sounds like fun!!! Vacations are always great…me and my DBF are staying on the Queen Mary this weekend. I cant wait. It should be fun. Happy TT.

I’ve only been to one conference before so I’m not sure, SJ. Its a lot of fun though.

Very silly question, Nicholas. Chocolate is essential!

Gosh, Nic. I hope it goes well. I know that these conferences can be exhilarating or really horrible. I believe in you, and am rooting for you. Go, be yourself – and you’ll have a fabulous time. I know it.

I’m excited for pictures! 🙂 Two weeks…. you do torture….

Happy TT!

Let’s have a conference here to see if it’s worthwhile 🙂

Cheerio says:

Phew! Those are lots of things. Hope you accomplish them all. I know you can.

LA Day says:

Have fun at RT. I wish I was going. Would love to meet you, hopefully next year.

Brenda ND says:

Wow are you organized. Hope you can have some fun at RT too.

Marina says:

Have fun at the convention! I miss networking…

I am so totally with you on #6.

Have a good time at the convention. I hope it helps you move lots of books.

The next one is in Orlando, which is only a 90 minute drive for me, so I’m definitely there. Can’t wait to meet you, L.A.!

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