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{March 29, 2008}   Fly By Knight by Sahara Kelly


A Knight condemned to death. A Welsh woman with a quest. Is it fate that brings these two together — or the mystical touch of an ancient warrior? Aubrey Thaxton doesn’t really care, since he’s facing his imminent demise and isn’t averse to some bedsport before he burns at the stake. The strange wench who appears in his chamber is just what he needs.

Gwyneth Mor Hafren wasn’t planning on enjoying Baron Thaxton’s physical charms, however. She’s there to rescue him, driven by a knowledge given her long ago in a dream. Together these two unlikely cohorts escape Castle Thaxton and journey into what is, for Aubrey, enemy territory. Wales.

Surrounded by hostility and betrayal, Aubrey and Gwyneth discover passion amidst the turmoil, a deep and abiding emotion that binds them to each other more tightly than the strongest chains. Will it save them both, complete Gwyneth’s quest and take them on a wild journey to a place where their hearts are free to “Fly By Knight”?

Nic’s Recommendation:

Wow, where to start. Sahara Kelly’s historicals are always amazing. Even if you don’t typically read historicals, you’ll enjoy this clever story because it is far from typical! What that woman can do with a corset…well, that’s a whole different post.

This is Sahara’s first book in The Hussies series and I can’t wait for the next one. She’s created a fun, confident and independent heroine who not only can handle herself, she can save her man while she’s at it. Don’t get me wrong, Aubrey is no slouch. In fact, he’s quite the wicked devil, but he’s smart enough to recognize her finer qualities. The characters are just too big to remain on the page. The story is so vividly written I felt as if I was right there with them.

I’m very proud to be a Hussy author writing books with this amazing group of women! You can find The Hussies here.

Fly By Knight is available from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. While you’re there, do yourself a favor and check out the rest of Sahara’s books!


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