Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{March 26, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #48

Thirteen Wacky Signs 

Since they’ve been so popular, I decided to post the last of the crazy signs I found. Some of them just make me shake my head and wonder. While some are meant to be fun, others aren’t, which makes them hysterical. Happy TT!

Am I Gone… ROFL! Some names just shouldn’t be used for signs.


Gotta wonder what they were thinking…intentional or not? 


It’s pretty amazing the things you can get at your local restaurant or grocery store…


Love the attitude…


<shaking head>


Bonus, because I’m a Hussy author. One of our readers sent this sign for Hussey’s, the perfect place to prepare for a shotgun wedding. LOL!


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Nicholas says:

I wonder how many of those were completely unintentional.

You know, I have actually been to Penrith train station and no one made me that offer 😦

Lori says:

Those are too funny. Thanks for the laugh. Happy TT.

Guns, Wedding Gowns and Cold Beer. LOLOL Now that’s a party! lol Happy T13!

The “change the stupid sign” sign cracked me up. All of these are clever.

I love the spay or neuter your best friend!

The Pink Flamingo

LA Day says:

More good ones!

marcia v says:

Oh my LOL those were too funny

I have no idea where you find these but they are funny. Amazing to me that there are so many…. wow! I hope you are well, Nic and not writing too much!

Happy TT!

Denise says:

Great signs. I really loved the photo one – I’d love to have my kids “shot for Dad”. LOLOLOLOL

Happy TT!

vixensden says:

I am seriously hurting from laughing so hard….Babies and Children, Buy 2 get 3 free hahahahahahahhaha

Happy TT

Xakara says:

Babies and children, buy 2 get 3 free–that’s a deal! I have got to shop there from now on.


Vera says:

It was fun looking through your list today. thank you for sharing. reminds me to take my camera out when I see funny signs like those 🙂

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