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{March 19, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #47

Thirteen Crazy Road Signs

Since the church signs were so popular, this week I decided to go with crazy, confusing and funny road signs. In some places there are so many signs you have to observe when driving that keeping up with what is and is not permitted can be a nightmare. And the names of some of these places. LOL! I can’t imagine having them as part of my mailing address.

Happy TT!

Which way can you go? I bet the following signs confused a lot of drivers…


Then there are the ones that are good for a laugh or seem to have no real purpose…


Its all in the name…


And last but not least. Yes folks, it’s finally happened. Hell has officially frozen over…

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pjazzypar says:

How inventive and funny too! Especially the “Guys With Purses”. What’s that all about? Great post. Happy TT.

These were hysterical. Thank you Public Works everywhere!

That was brilliant. Really funny.

Mercedes says:

I love your TT! Great pictures of road signs! I would end up in a wreck for sure! LOL! Happy TT fellow WordPress blogger-hehe!

Nicholas says:

Very funny pictures!

These are very fun. Amazing. Some of them have to be faked but others? It’s amazing we can even get around!

Happy TT, Nic.

Hahaha, these are priceless! Hell has definitely frozen over. Happy TT!

I know a few people who would sit scratching their heads for hours if they encountered some of those road signs. Very funny.

Some crazy signs for sure.


I needed the chuckle.

The Pink Flamingo

happyhousewife says:


Lori says:

I live near Big Bone Lick State Park and never thought of it *that* way…heh. I love the ones we used to see in Oklahoma: “Do not drive into smoke” and “Don’t pick up hitchhikers, they may be escaped inmates”. O-kay.

Happy TT!

Xakara says:

Thank you. I came here just when I needed the laugh!

Happy TT


Fun list! Happy T13!

Cheerio says:

Awesome signs. They really made me smile. Especially #13.

Mercedes says:

Thanks for stopping by! Curious as to why you had to put your dog down. Bless you!

Absolutely hilarious!

Happy TT.

– Renee

LA Day says:

Great TT! Gave me an early morning chuckle.

DrillerAA says:

These are great!
I really like the fact that it is of greater importance to warn one of the sharp edges of the sign than to inform one of the bridge out ahead.
Prison would not be my first lodging choice at the next right.

Happy TT

beeker says:

I am directionally challenged and road signs do absolutely nothing but confuse me more. I married a navigator!

Brenda ND says:

Very cool. I like your signs.

sd-b says:

LOL – thanks for sharing these!

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