Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{March 4, 2008}   Carnal by Nathalie Gray


She went down in a hail of bullets, but even hell didn’t want her.

In the eyes of the law, Cristoval is a freak who ought to be hunted down and destroyed. To the thousands who look to him for guidance and strength, he’s the resistance’s charismatic leader, a man who sacrificed even his own happiness for the cause. When he meets a woman who eclipses every other, a Valkyrie fierce and forceful, he knows he’s been given a second chance.

To a woman who faced death and came out on top, the towering lycan with the haunted eyes is an anchor in a sea of chaos, a pillar in a world gone mad. He’d be more if she just let him. And she wants to. But the enemy has to pay for what they did to Cristoval and her, for stealing their chance, for twisting something good into an aberration. If she has to drag her enemy down to hell herself, then she’ll do it. She’s been there. She knows the way.

Nic’s Recommendation:

Carnal, Book 3 of the Lycan Warrior series released Friday and I had to force myself to go to work this weekend instead of lock myself up at home to read. IMHO, Carnal is the best in the series, and that’s saying a lot because the first two books were great. I was very upset with Nathalie when she killed off my favorite character in book 2, but she made it up to me with this hot, action-packed tale.

Cristoval has been through hell and back but still cannot come close to what his Valkyrie has gone through. I love this heroine. She is a smart-ass with all kinds of attitude who enjoys nothing better than kicking some butt. These two fit together so well. And now, after reading Carnal, I’m anxiously awaiting the next in this wild and crazy series. I’m going to stop here before I give away any pivotal plot secrets.

Carnal is available from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. I highly recommend you pick up this book and check out the rest of Nathalie’s explosive novels while you’re there.


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