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{February 5, 2008}   Destiny’s Touch by Mackenzie McKade

Blurb:One minute Alexis is defying her irresistible boss in the mysterious red mountains of Sedona. The next, she’s spiraling through time.

Gabriel Marx never believed in reincarnation until he finds an 1864s photograph that haunts him. The enticing woman in the photo inflames his desire, because she looks exactly like the sexy new Marketing Director he’s been coveting all year. And the man beside her?

It’s himself.

Gabe knows they’re destined to be together, but Alexis Beaumont insists on keeping things professional. She taunts him and teases him without ever losing her cool, yet the heat between these colleagues is almost impossible to withstand.

Only when he entices her to Sedona does the tantalizing barrier finally shatter. Yet now she’s time-traveling through tumultuous “love lessons” with a Scottish highlander, a British commodore and a Union soldier. Can she ever return to the man she’s meant for?

And will Gabe be waiting if she does?

Nic’s Recommendation:

Don’t be hating because I got an early look at another hot book!

Destiny’s Touch is a fast read. I love time travel stories, and this one is fabulous! Add in some very sizzling sex scenes through time and you will be running for the ice water. Alexis has to adjust to a whole new reality, put aside her goals for the future and correct the mistakes of the past so she and Gabe can be happy. Thankfully, Gabe is perceptive and persistent enough to make this all work out.

You can find Destiny’s Touch at Ellora’s Cave Publishing on Wednesday 2/6/08.


Ahhh. . . like you I love books about destiny, fate and soulmates.While they’re not time travel stories, my two novels — Veil of Illusion and Field of Destiny — explore reincarnation and past lives and are being called complelling reads that make you think about how past lives influence our current life and how fate has a way of stepping in when we least expect it. You might also enjoy the romance novels written by Mary Montague Sykes, steamy, paranormal stories that will keep you up at night turning the pages.
I like to think we get more than once chance to get it all right, don’t you?

Namaste – patricia sheehy, author and freelance writer

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