Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{February 2, 2008}   Black Widow by Mackenzie McKade


Her touch is heavenly. Her kiss, deadly. To mate with her means certain death. 

After a brutal attack by a huge, dog-like creature, Tammy is left clinging to life by a thread. Her last memory is of her rescuer asking her if she wants to live. She awakes to a nightmare, bound in chains, nearly paralyzed by terror—and with a strange sensual creature slinking beneath her skin, screaming with hunger for only two things. Blood. And sex.  

Roark and Marcellus, leaders of the werewolves and vampires, come together to destroy the results of a night gone terribly wrong. As a result of the attack, Tammy has become a hybrid—part wolf and part vampire—and to complicate things, she’s in heat. The transformation has thrown her into a sexual frenzy that makes her a virtual black widow. For the sake of their people, Tammy must die. 

Yet they can’t bring themselves to kill her. Instead, Roark and Marcellus find themselves trapped in the femme fatale’s web of seduction. Her touch is heavenly…her kiss, deadly. To complicate things, they discover she is mate to each of them.  

Soul-wrenching desire reigns over their struggle for dominance and possession, forging a unique bond between the immortals. Together Roark and Marcellus will fight to save the woman they love from the people they are pledged to protect. 

Nic’s Recommendation: 

Wowza! Two hot paranormal men for one lucky heroine. Tammy finds herself to be the stuff of legend, a human caught between two species, between two lovers. The vamps and weres may not get along very well, but this trio has no such problem. Oh to have Tammy’s problems! 

Take a scorching hot ménage, stir in a bit of m/m interaction encouraged by the heroine, and you’ve got one heck of a fabulous read. Ms. McKade never disappoints this reader. I look forward to each new book then read them over and over again. Be sure to get your copy of Black Widow, which is available from Samhain Publishing.


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