Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{January 30, 2008}   Court Appointed by Annmarie McKenna


Jackson knows he needs protection from a stalker, but the last thing he wants is to want his bodyguard.

After receiving several suspicious “gifts”, His Honor Jackson Benedict is assigned an agent for protection. He’d be fine with a bodyguard…if he was anyone but the man who enters his courtroom looking hotter than any man has a right to look. Thank God Jackson’s robe hides his interest.

Trey London is more than happy that Jackson has practically been handed to him on a silver platter. If his job requires he stay close to one of the country’s youngest federal judges, it’s no skin off his back. The closer the better, actually.  

But someone else is getting closer, too, and when the gifts turn into attacks, Trey is forced to trade his status of new lover for that of protector. He’s not about to let anyone come between him and his judge.

Nic’s Recommendation:

This story was not at all what I’ve come to expect from erotic manlove, and I was pleasantly surprised although I shouldn’t be. The story was penned by top-selling author Annmarie McKenna, after all.

I understand the turn on of m/m interaction, but in most cases, I need a woman in the mix to give me a character to relate to. Court Appointed is one of few rare exceptions for me. Jackson and Trey are scorching hot together and neither one has major angst over who he is. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of conflict in this short story, along with suspense, action and hot sex. Combine those different elements together and its no wonder the book shot right to the #1 seller slot.

I highly recommend those who enjoy hot manlove to check out Court Appointed from Samhain Publishing. For those interested in the genre, this is a great book for you to try! For those who know Annmarie and I are friends, that’s not why I’m recommending her book. Friend or not, I won’t recommend any book on this blog that I did not thoroughly enjoy.


I don’t usually go for m/m fiction either. Like you, I generally need a female character to relate to. But Court Appointed was a fabulous read!

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