Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{January 28, 2008}   Divided Love by Sally Painter



When Reci Waters, Queen of Cups, an underwater nation, suddenly abdicates to live on land, no one, not even the two people closest to her, know the real reason — to save her kingdom from a deadly enemy. Now, a year later, she plans to reclaim her throne, only she’s been out of the water too long and falls victim to a royal curse.

When the curse hits and Reci divides into two people, she’s forced to face emotions she’s long suppressed — most importantly her feelings for her handsome Captain of the Royal Guard, Arthur Finn. But when her hot-blooded twin decides it’s time to explore those sexual longings, things don’t just grow steamy, they’re scorching hot.

Arthur has loved Reci for years, but royal protocol forced his longings to smolder just below the surface…until Reci divided in two. Now he’s finding her irresistible — both of her. There’s only one problem — Reci will die if he doesn’t get her back to Cups, and her twin has run off, refusing to return to her underwater home.

Nic’s Recommendation:

My Hussy sista, Sally Painter had a new book out this week. Woot! It’s been a while for Sally, darn her, keeping us readers waiting for her heartwarming tales.

Most of us have experienced the pain and confusion of feeling divided between what is required of you and what you want. Reci has fought this battle for years and when the threat of her enemy is added into the mix her options are limited. The only way fix a divide is to face the issue. No only must she fight her own nature, she must fight for her life and everything she loves.

Arthur and Reci are scorching hot together. I had to repeatedly wipe the steam from my ebook reader. Whew! This is one hot, sexy story. Add in the element of suspense and it’s a rapid page turner you won’t want to miss!

Divided Love is available from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. I highly recommend you pick up this novel! While you’re there, check out Sally Painter’s other books. All I Want and All I Need are two of my all time favorites. You can’t go wrong with any of her books. They are all fabulous!


Thank you for the great review, Nic. It is an honor to have a fellow author who I admire so much like my work!

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