Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{January 27, 2008}   Life Is Strange / Serendipity

I wanted to share this conversation from my Yahoo Group, T&As Fantasy Playground, with y’all because it’s just too cool how one small thing can bring people together.

Subject: Life is strange

From: Rachel

I was just going through my FAR little black book (yes it is black and it contains every book I’ve reviewed), and I came across Tamara’s Spirit. Now in this book I write everything, title, author, publisher, etc, but what I also put is why I picked the book to review. For example; so’n’so recommended it, read blurb at…, things like that. So Tamara’s Spirit was the first of Nicole’s books I read and the reason I picked it without reading a blurb or anything is because my son’s girlfriend is Tamara. Now when she first met us she was this timid little thing with low self-esteem. Over the last two years I’ve watched her blossom into the most gorgeous girl (thanks I’m sure to our love) and when I saw Tamara’s Spirit in the database the title just struck me. And look where picking up that one book took me. I’m now here with you ‘lovely ladies’ and having a ball. Imagine if I hadn’t grabbed that book? (shuddering violently)

So I guess we better thank my son for dating Tamara. Nah, he thinks he knows it all as it is, he’d be intolerable if I gave him credit for this.

From: TK

What a wonderful example of serendipity! If I hadn’t run out of sexy vampire books to read that at least had some sex in them, I’d never have gone on the Internet looking for more authors who wrote similar stories to Laurel K Hamilton. I came up with Ashleigh Raine’s name and found her in my local bookstore and read “hers” first book. Then I went looking for the second book and found myself at Ellora’s Cave because it was only in e-book at that time. I knew nothing about e-books at all!

Through that and reading more EC books, I started wondering if I was really strange or if there were more women like me who liked to read explicit sexy novels, and if there were–what kind of women were they and had they been able to incorporate what they read in to their own lives and did the authors who wrote those books really experience some of those things? So I joined the EC loop and very shortly after that, Nicole Austin walked into the cave. There was something about Nicole Austin, not even published author yet, that just …. intrigued me. She was like a light coming on in my head.

We began chatting and then razzing each other. She had her first book finally ready to come out (Passionate Realities) and I was totally stoked when I read it. She and I kept EC rocking on her first release and had one of the longest List Mom’s days on record at that time.

We decided we were twins separated at birth … yes, I’m the eldest, and who cares if it took about 10 years for her to finally get out of that womb. LOL!

She started sharing her WIP with me and before you know it, was bound and determined that I could and would write.

If I hadn’t run out of reading material and then gone searching for women who were more like me, I’d have never gotten to where I am now …which is a whole hell of a lot better off than when sis and I first met.


Rachel.C says:

You are so sweet for putting this up here. I know my life is better for having ‘met’ you.
Love Rachel

Aww, thanks, Rachel!

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