Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{January 24, 2008}   Bad Service Rant – Print Place

I HATE when you spend your hard earned money expecting to get what you ordered and the company does not deliver. What’s even worse is when they refuse to make their product right and satisfy reasonable expectations. Do NOT order anything from Print Place unless you want printed materials that are not perfect.

No where on their website does it mention that the plastic bookmarks will be dull and textured on one side while smooth and shiny on the other. Nor do they mention that they have no control over which side will be which. How messed up is it that the front of my bookmarks are dull and the back shiny and smooth. And does that sound like a total load of crap to you, or is it just me thinking they were feeding me a line of b.s.? Their offer, they’d reprint my bookmarks, add free UV coating so both sides were the same, at a 15% discount. WTH? I’m not spending all that money again and taking another chance on them.

Its their product that turned out inferior. If they’d simply put a warning on their website to order the UV coating if you wanted the finish to be the same on both sides, I would have sprung for the extra cost when I ordered. Since they have no warning, I feel they should reprint the bookmarks with the coating. I’m willing to pay for the coating and even shipping, but I’m not willing to pay for the bookmarks again when I can’t use the first batch!

That’s just poor customer service. I won’t order from them again, and I suggest no one else does because if they mess up your order, you will not get satisfaction! *grumble, groan*


Rachel.C says:

I’m grumbling with you! That’s bad customer service from the start when they don’t put a warning on the website. There’s nothing worse than not getting what you pay for. It’s even worse than hooking up with a hot guy and finding out he’s bad in bed! Nothing worse than false advertising.

Ugh. That’s scary, Nic. I have my bookmark order in with them now.

LOL Rachel!

Good luck, Mandi! I hope your bookmarks turn out good.

Hiya Sista Hussy! I feel your pain!

Oh btw, you’ve been outted!!!!!!! Nahnahnahnah. Check our blog for today and see what it means.

Hugs and I’m taking your warning about PP (oh, that sounds so naughty!)


Lynn Black says:

Found this blog by accident when searching for other printing stuff. maybe you can explain – in what way would a bookmark not be able to be used if one side is glossier than the other? Won’t it still hold your place in the book??

I’m just sayin’ . . .

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