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{January 16, 2008}   Thursday Thirteen #38

Thirteen Random Things About Me

I’m feeling rather random this week and couldn’t settle on what I wanted my list to be about. Here’s thirteen random things about me.

1. Patience — In some situations, such as at work with my young patients, I have a great deal of patience. In others, like waiting to hear about book contracts, I go crazy.

2. Leadership — Several years ago they made me the weekend supervisor of the Radiology department. Personality conflicts among the staff are sucking all the fun out of my cake job and shit definitely rolls downhill. The staff is learning this concept and adjusting accordingly.

3. Discipline — I can be very diligent and disciplined, but lately I’m having a difficult time finishing one story before I’m distracted by another idea. Hmm…sounds like I’m developing writing ADHD. LOL!

4. Comfort — I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I don’t live paycheck to paycheck. Damn if it doesn’t feel good to be able to spoil my family a bit and not be stressed about finances 24/7.

5. Forties – Even though I’ve just entered my forties, I do believe they are my favorite age so far. I’m secure and happy with who I am, and I’m having fun.

6. Teen Drama — There is a light at the end of the tunnel. My daughter made me insane with her teenage drama for way too long. Now that she’s in her twenties and married, she’s calming down and we’re enjoying each other again.

7. Teen Boys — Ick! Got rid of one teen and now the other child has entered the dreaded teens. The experience is very different with a boy though. Not sure yet if that’s a good or bad thing.

8. Memory — A mind is a terrible thing to lose. I used to have a great memory, but not anymore. I want to get some of that natural stuff for memory but can’t remember the name of it. Never think of it when I’m at the store. Heck, even if I did manage to get it home, I’d never remember to take it. Looks like I’m doomed.

9. Conspiracy — Here’s my conspiracy theory. The computer people program and manufacture problems into these infernal damn machines that I love to hate in order to create jobs for their techy friends.

10. Threats — Sometimes making a threat is your only option and can have positive results. For instance, when I threatened the computer geeks at work with downloading a virus into the system, they became very cooperative. Now they have fear of me, and in this there is power and respect. Bwahahahaha! Hey, they always jump when I call for tech support now.

11. Friendship — Having true friends is even more important to me than ever before. I have a special group of friends who without a doubt would lay out cash they don’t have if I was in need and would do whatever it took to be there for me.

12. Shy — As a child, I was painfully shy. During high school and my time in the military this lessened, but I still prefer to be behind the scenes. I still blush when people praise my books or ask what genre I write.

13. Contradiction — I am a study in contradictions. While I may be shy in person, I’m bold when hiding behind my computer. My new favorite pastime is finding socially taboo and unacceptable topics, ie. sex, to discuss on The Hussies blog.

I never would have guessed the path my life has taken, but overall I’m happy and enjoying the journey!

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Great post! I’d tell you the name of the memory stuff, but I can’t remember the name of it either! LOL Very insiteful!

I love the way you did this. I’m in my 50s and life is even better. I’m retired and I too don’t worry about money 24/7 anymore. It is indeed wonderful. Have a great TT. 🙂

I’m loving the 40s, too!

Very nice post. Well done. The 40’s were good but the 50’s they are GRAND!

elephantlady777 says:

What wonderful traits!
Happy tt!

Michelle says:

I agree, Greatfullivin, the 50’s are truly fabulous! You get to REALLY say what you think, anytime, anywhere.

Cool TT list, Nic! Happy TT!

Nicholas says:

I think we all know that #9 is absolutely true!

#5 is super!!!!! Way to go with the good attitude!!!

My T-13 is posted. Won’t you join me?

Lots of women have told me the 50’s are even better. That’s good to hear. Makes me not dread aging quite so much.

Memory stuff? I think I heard something about that…

Cool list. I love the random ones like this. (Says she who can only do themes)

I hear you on the teen drama. I’ve been inundated with it.

Happy TT!

My Thursday Thirteen: Favorite American Idols

I think your computer theory isn’t bad.

the Pink Flamingo

Maria says:

How fun! I loved reading this. How is it that I’ve never found your blog before this? I’m going to bookmark and read more. Tomorrow. When I’m awake and have caffeine in me.

:0) Happy TT!


Lara says:

Love your TT this week — maybe they were random thoughts, but they were very insightful and said alot about you!
Have a good week!

Great post. I have to say, I’m right with you on impatience and writing ADHD. I think I have 5 stories going right now and a million ideas backing up behind them. It drives me crazy. 🙂

Oy, I’m waiting on some subs and going quietly crazy. The older I get, the less patience I have!!

Xakara says:

Glad to hear that the 40’s are going to be so great. I’m LOVING my 30’s and I can’t wait to turn 35 this year!

Happy Thursday (from another contradiction)


Wolfie says:

Hey..I agree with #9..!! Hahaa

LA Day says:

Great TT! Loving the forties too. However my daughter is 13 so I just entering the drama years. I’m not sure my dh will survive it. LOL

I decided to skip the teen angst thing LOL.
I only visit nephews when their in a good mood LOL

Great TT


great list. happy thursday.

Holly says:

Yeah, I’d too tell you the name of the memory stuff if I could just remember it…

(actually it’s Ginkgo Biloba which I have at home but DO always forget to take it…LOL)

Love your list – as you know I am a fan of random TT’s…

Happy TT-13!



Oo the hussies blog, sounds like a fun place. Yeah, my son turns 9 this weekend and I can see those teen years off in the distance taunting me.

Harris says:

I’m so glad forties are treating you well…I’m getting ready to mourn my 30’s this month!

And is it Ginseng or Ginko? What is the memory herb????

Have a great day.


Lib says:

I am 31 and cannot wait until 40. I truly believe all the women that say life begins at 40. A few wrinkles and a bit of gray, they are just the signs of a well lived life.

Great post! I really enjoyed it. The best I have seen yet, this week on TT.

I have mine up if you would like to stop by.

Happy TT everyone!

Great post. I have to say that I’m enjoying my forties too!

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