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{December 19, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen # 34

Thirteen Inspirational Hunks

Being very visually oriented, I find pictures to use when describing places, things and people in my books. Below are thirteen hunks who have inspired me. Meet the men of my books…

 Aiden McCarthy & Travis Lundy – Passionate Realities

 Cord Black – Savannah’s Vision – Corralled Series Book 1

 Jake Cruise – Spontaneous Combustion – Dreams of the Oasis, Volume I

 Blake Carlisle – The Boy Next Door

 Dakota Blackhawk – Tamara’s Spirit – Corralled Series Book 2

 Rakahnja “Kahn” – Rakahnja’s Haven – black jaguar shape-shifter

 Jesse Powers – Jesse’s Challenge – Corralled Series Book 3

 Grayson “Gray” Rothschild- Enough

 James “Jamie” Stratham – Restless (Coming 1/9/08)

 Sebastian “Bash” – Trip My Switch (Coming 4/16/08)

 Brock Madden – Brock’s Hellion – Corralled Series Book 4 (work in progress)

 Riley Jasper – Riley’s Bargain – Corralled Series Book 5 (not yet written)

 Zeke Meyers – Zeke’s Awakening – Corralled Series Book 6 (not yet written)

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Wow – now THAT’S some Thursday Thirteen!! Thanks for the inspiration!

It’s awfully warm in here isn’t it? Wow, I know I’m supposed to say something here, but I just can’t seem to think straight. Have a happy whatever… 🙂

nicholas says:

And next week the women who have inspired you?

Next week is already set up to post–neologisms. 😀

You need to tell me where you get such great pics. Wow!

Lori says:

I have one thing to say…….YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! Even though is 45 degrees here, I may need to turn the fan on;) Happy TT. Thanks for the eye candy!!

They’re all gay – every single of ’em. Bet me! 🙂

My TT is about family christmas traditions!

They may or may not be, Country Dawn, but they are still very nice to look at.

My goodness, Nicole. You have GREAT taste in men — that’s enough to make me go pick up a few copies of your books, all right! (if only the stack in my office weren’t so tall… *sigh*)

Happy TT, babe, and Merry Christmas!!!

ldicken says:

Mmmmmm…I don’t think I can choose a favorite!! 🙂 Happy T13!

~ Leslie

I don’t think I’ve seen that much mantitty on one page before. Quite… intriguing 😉

Love your visual aids… LOL! They’re very … um … interesting. 🙂

Happy TT!

My Thursday Thirteen #5

Lisa says:

Wow! That’s quite a nice mid-winter pick-me-up.

Happy TT!

A couple of those made me a little squishy!

Lara says:

I can see why you are so inspired! Those pics inspired me too! Absolutely divine —- **sigh**
Happy TT!

They’re probably all gay!

The Pink Flamingo

Mmmm eye candy! Happy TT!

p.s. Love your title, Enough.

jennifer says:

All I can Say is———-YUMMO!!

Too… much… Beefcake… monitor… about to… EXPLODE!

LA Day says:

That was inspiring!
Have a great holiday!

Help my monitor caught on fire from all those smoking hot hunks…can I have them all wrapped in a bow under my tree….be damned Papa Bear. Okay bad Mama Bear.
Darling I am so going to have to find me some of these books and start reading. Also going to add you to my writing blogs blogroll….I’m nobody, but maybe someday.
My T13 is up.

Heya Nic – Do you find the photos then write about the men? Or do you imagine the men then find the photos? Either way, it’s fascinating to me! 🙂

Happy TT

My TT is up: Reasons my life sucks! 😉

Holly says:

Hmmm, I know what I want for Christmas now….

Happy TT-13, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!



Alice says:

WOW… oh YA!! Now I must go get a cloth and clean all the drool off my computer.

Happy T13 and Merry Christmas or whatever you choose to celebrate at this time of year.

Alice – I Was Born2Cree8

PJ says:

I’m so inspired right now. Great TT.

Now there’s some eye candy. 😉

My TT was about the solstice this week and isn’t half as pretty. *grin*

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