Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 18, 2007}   Even More Love

Mandie from Loves Romances is lovin’ on my books today. Woot! Thanks, Mandie! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying my stories.

“Ms. Austin does an excellent job of conveying the intense connection between Savannah and Cord. The visions that Savannah experiences are so intense to begin with that when the flesh and blood versions come along the sexual heat is palpable! Cord has keen intuitions of his own when it comes to Savannah and these two characters are excruciatingly hot together.

“Savannah’s four ranch hands are very tantalizing secondary characters that add a great deal of enjoyment to this read along with Savannah’s friend Tamara.

“There is no lukewarm or vanilla sex in this book, it’s all hot, intense and insatiable all the time!!!

“This reviewer highly recommends SAVANNAH’S VISION to anyone looking for a smoking hot read on a cold winter night!!”

“ENOUGH is a wonderfully satisfying tale of a woman who cannot take her in-laws insults in stride any longer. Christine is a very strong and proud woman who tries her hardest to fit into the world that her fiancée already comfortably exists in and just keeps coming up short in his mother’s eyes. The reader is inclined to instantly dislike Gray in the beginning for allowing his family to mistreat Christine however his character is cast in a different light as the story unfolds.

“ENOUGH is busting at the seams with some of the hottest, uninhibited sex that one can find. Ms. Austin is a master with the sensual scenes and does not disappoint with this incredibly satisfying quickie! This reviewer would highly recommend anything that Ms. Austin writes for those who are looking for a highly charged erotic story!”


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