Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 17, 2007}   Feeling The Love

The newsletter for Just Erotic Romance Reviews came out today, and I’m feeling the love!

“My absolute favorite book for 2007 would have to be Jesse’s Challenge by Nicole Austin.”
Stefani, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Enough is an extremely sweet, yet thoroughly sexy contemporary romance. I know the clichéd vision of a nasty mother-in-law seems a bit mundane but Ms. Austin takes the cliché to a new level and makes it a valid reason for leaving your fiancé at the altar. I hated the mother-in-law’s actions as much as Christine did and it made it extremely easy to identify with Christine. The sex scenes are sexy and sensual between our two main characters but when make-up sex includes Jamie the heat level spikes to extremes! Scenes contain ménage, oral and anal sex and you will want those toys handy. Enough is a wonderfully sexy little romance and I recommend it highly!”

4 Stars from Sandi Potterton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Woot! Thanks Stefani and Sandi! 😀


Congratulations, Nic. That’s aweseome.

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