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{December 14, 2007}   Toy Shopping For Adults

I adore shopping online. No crowds or snooty sales clerks. No fighting for a parking space, and no sore feet from walking the mall. One of my favorite things to shop for—toys. Hmm…perhaps I should be more specific. Adult toys.

No sense blushing. Open your mind and forgo the guilt. A good sexual appetite and knowing what is required to bring pleasure to your body is healthy. I just may be able to help you in this area since I’ve been a good little author and done my research. Let’s face it, who better to guide your journey into the world of sex toys than an erotic romance author. Did I mention that toys are part of book research and thus tax deductible? Shh…don’t tell or Uncle Sam will ban sex toy shopping like the state of Alabama did.

I’ll spare you details concerning all the different types of toys that are out there and how to choose. You can read some great guides and articles by clicking here. Instead, I’m going to get down to the nitty gritty and tell you what should be in the top drawer of your nightstand.

First of all, you’re going to want to protect your investment and take care of your toys. I recommend you pick up a cleaner made specifically for toys. Washing toys with soap can make them dry out and crack, which can lead to irritation and infections. It’s best to get an antibacterial cleaner. These products can also get rid of that icky just out of the package plastic smell. They come in sprays, but I prefer the convenience of wipes.

Next, you’ll need a power source. Batteries are frustrating. They start to wear down at the wrong time and send you scurrying around the house to raid the remote controls. I suggest rechargeable batteries which you can revitalize between uses or better yet, plug-in toys for maximum power and durability.

Another important accessory—lubricants. There are a million different kinds designed for specific needs. You must also decide if you’ll need water or oil based lube and if flavoring (flavored lubes are not meant to be used inside the body as they can cause infections) is important. Water based lubes are thinner and are safe for use with sex toys. Oil based lubes may be thicker, but they stain linens and destroy latex, so should not be used with condoms, diaphragms or toys. I highly recommend Sliquid. Another personal favorite is O’my natural lubricant which has the added benefit of enhancing sensitivity.

Now to get in the game. It’s all about arousal. Start with some sensual music and maybe a nice soak in the tub with scented oils to relax. Light some candles, then read an erotic story or watch a sexy movie. While most adult movies are geared toward men, there are some created for women. Unfortunately, in my experience, they haven’t quite gotten those right yet. Movies are better if you have a partner to enjoy them with. If it’s just you and the toys, opt for a book. Keep at least one favorite erotic novel in the bedside table.

On to the most important part—the toys. Considering most of my audience is female, I will be sticking mostly to sex toys for women. Dildos, glass and steel toys, vibrators…oh my! No matter what you choose, I suggest a curved toy for vaginal play. Previous lovers may not have found your G-spot, but that curved toy will! And trust me—you do have a G-spot, no matter what he said. The cool thing about glass toys is you can run them through the dishwasher, umm…without dishes in it, of course.

Vibrators come in many different varieties. They are available with dual-action, designed specifically to find the G-spot, dual penetration, clitoral, bullets and eggs, anal or vaginal, some are even waterproof for shower fun. Then you can get really fancy with a multi-function vibe that has various speeds and patterns of vibrations, along with rotation or thrusting action.

The best advice I can give is to start simple. A basic dual-action vibe has a small attachment at the base to stimulate the clit. Many of these have curved shafts for stimulating the G-spot too. Something like the one on the left (Her Perfect Fit) would be good for a beginner. Once you learn what you enjoy then experiment with more advanced, high-tech toys.

IMHO, the people at Doc Johnson know women and have created some of the best toys on the market. Their Lucid Dream collection is sure to please. My personal favorite can’t-live-without-it toy is Lucid Dream no. 99., pictured on the right. Smooth jelly rubber, flexible for comfort, with a bullet in a tip curved to hit the G-spot, and the delicious added benefit of rotation. Wowza!

If you find yourself wanting a more advanced toy, I suggest Lucid Hearts Squirmy Dream, also from Doc Johnson. Similar to no. 99, this vibe adds in a clitoral stimulator, but lacks the bullet in the tip and G-spot curve to the shaft.

Want to go with the electric powered toy? I have two recommendations. The Hitachi Magic Wand has many different attachments available that make for a very versatile toy or the InfraRed Massager which comes with all the attachments you could want.

On a side note, vibrators make noise, some more than others. If you don’t have the house to yourself, pillows and blankets can help dull the sound and all you to keep playing.

So I don’t neglect any men who may be reading this posting, I have a suggestion for you too. Forget any of the negative connotations society places on anal stimulation because a great deal of pleasure can be derived from the P-spot. When you get over being embarrassed, check out the line of Aneros toys (pictured on the left) and other prostrate stimulators for some very intense pleasure.

When shopping, my favorite store for sex toys is Eden Fantasys, because when it comes to adult pleasures, they have everything in one place—adult toys, lubricants, books and DVDs, lingerie, party favors, as well as guides and tips. The best part, they’ve included more than the standard generic description by providing a variety of measurements and tools to help you choose the right toy. In my shopping experiences, Eden Fantasys also has some of the lowest prices. They’ve earned my personal seal of approval.

You can find all the specific products I’ve mentioned at their website, along with great informational articles, tips and guides. And hey, there’s still time to shop for Christmas.

Acknowledgement: Thanks to my friend Chris from Eden Fantasys for letting me borrow <wink> the images used in this article!  

You’re still here? Umm…what are you waiting for? Class is over. Go forth, shop and have fun playing with your new toys!


There is something for everyone. Very educational, Nic! And fun. *g*

Thanks, NJ! I had fun putting that together.

Reba Newman says:

Very informative Nic…I think I may need to go shopping before James returns. LOL

He’ll be thrilled to arrive home to new toys!

Oh you’re a riot!!! What a fun list…kind of woke me up !!!

I usually don’t like shopping…but I love giving gifts.

I figure out what I’m giving…then find the stores, phone them and ask thm to hold the item. Then I run inside buy it and get out. I’m a bit weird that I don’t like shopping…but giving gifts I love choosing them etc.

I’m glad you enjoyed the list, Candy! 😀

Very informative and fun, sis. I can’t begin to tell you how hard I laughed at the part about the dishwasher and glass toys. As you know me so well, I’m sure you can almost picture what I was picturing …

LOL…I’m so glad my kiddo’s werent around when I started reading this. Great list and you’re right, the internet is a wonderful thing. Even those out there too embarrassed to enter an adult store can still enjoy the fun!

Jane says:

Thanks for the recommendations.

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