Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{November 21, 2007}   Enough – Available Today

It’s Release day…YAY! Enough will be available today from Ellora’s Cave Publishing.



There comes a time when you’ve had enough and can’t take any more. For Christine Graham this time arrives as she is prepared to walk down the aisle. Not knowing what else to do, she runs.

Grayson Rothschild doesn’t know what went wrong, but he’s determined to make things right and get his bride back where she belongs, at his side. The answer lies in the hands of his best man, Jamie, and a shared night of hedonistic passion.

A hot tub, champagne, two men and one woman—bring them all together for one night of sexual indulgence, and you just might pave a path to happiness.


Restless, the sequel to Enough, will be available on January 9, 2008

*The following excerpt is intended for mature reading audiences over the age of 18. 


The penthouse was heaven, pure and simple. Money sure was good for some things, like buying a pleasurable escape. Leaning back against the padded lip of the tub, she closed her eyes and let her mind wander, envisioning Gray.

The bubbles caressing her skin became his fingers. She could almost feel the sensual friction created by the slight drag of skin sliding over skin. Taste the salt and chlorine on heated flesh. Sense the subtle differences in textures playing over her tongue as soft feminine lips met firm masculine ones.

Jets positioned around the tub directed streams of water toward her from a multitude of different angles. The most delightful were the small holes spaced at even intervals on the bench a few inches from where the seat met the tub wall. When she spread her legs, placing her heels on the edge of the seat, those little jets shot a gentle pulse of water straight at the apex of her thighs.

The person who’d come up with the delightful design deserved to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, in her humble opinion. Heck, sit the powers-that-be in one of these tubs and they’d be so absorbed in sexual excess they wouldn’t even think of making anything but love. All wars and disputes would be settled once and for all. The idea created an interesting visual in her mind, but she wasn’t distracted for long.

She needed to come.

Letting her hand slide down her abdomen, Christine spread her labia and gasped at the glorious sensation created by the water caressing her swollen pussy lips. Rolling her
hips forward the slightest fraction of an inch, she felt the water stroke her clit with a constant, gratifying pressure, stimulating the small bud to pop out from under the shelter of its hood.

Clit popping! She giggled to herself. Gray teased her whenever she used the silly phrase, but she thought it was a good description for anything that got the bundle of nerves pulsing with gluttonous fervor.

Mmm…how very nice! The stream of water provided the most sublime stimulation. Damn, it was even better than the handheld showerhead she’d had Gray hook up in her apartment. She likened the sensation to a firm, wet tongue performing one long, constant glide over the supersensitive hot spot.

She imagined it was Gray’s tongue lapping at her ravenous bit of flesh and before long she was rocking her hips as the heated water stoked her desire. Her motions were subtle at first but increased as jolts of pure pleasure streaked through her body. With her free hand, Christine rolled a plump, erect nipple between her fingers, adding to her mounting sexual tension.

“Yes,” she moaned, relishing the fiery caresses causing her pussy to cream, clench and spasm. “Oh Gray!” She spread herself wider, increasing the flow of water against her pulsing clit. She was incredibly close to soaring away on a wave of orgasmic bliss when something made her pause.

What the fuck?

A low, muted sound alerted Christine to the stranger’s presence before she detected his silhouette stalking toward the tub with a slow, predatory swagger. Her now cold, limp hands dropped away from her body and she stared in shock, barely able to see the large man through the thick veil of steam.

“Wh-who’s there?”

Anxiety, accompanied by a tingle of excitement, tightened her chest and kicked up her heart rate. This was a private deck attached to the penthouse suite. How on earth had he gotten out here? And more important—how much had he seen?

The thought of him witnessing her self-pleasuring, while embarrassing, electrified her senses, giving Christine a thrill. There were many times she had fantasized about having sex in a public place and being watched. The fact that exhibitionism and voyeurism were considered forbidden and taboo by many made the concepts very appealing in her eyes.

Since she hadn’t turned on the lights in the tub, preferring to lick her wounds in the darkness, he shouldn’t be able to tell she was naked beneath the bubbling water. At least, she hoped he couldn’t. Otherwise, he was getting quite a peep show.

The stranger stopped directly across from where she sat and Christine gasped as his image solidified. He wore nothing more than a brief towel and a sexy, sinful grin.

Holy moly! There was the slim possibility he wore some tiny excuse for a swimsuit under there, but she was doubtful.

“The water looks wonderful. Mind if I join you?” His deep, titillating voice flowed over Christine like warm molasses, thick and slow.


Congratulations on your new release, Nic.

ENOUGH is HOT enough to steam the computer screen!

Thanks, NJ! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. 😀

Congrats on your new release, Nic.

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