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{November 14, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #29

Thirteen Joys of Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving Day and hey, what’s not to love? It’s a great holiday, especially at my house. I pick Thanksgiving night as one of my holidays to work so I get to sleep while mom cooks all day. Yes, I’m spoiled.

1. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on T.V. I’ve experienced it in person and prefer watching from the comfort of home instead of lining up on the cold, hard sidewalk before dawn to get a good spot.

2. My mom’s fabulous home-cooked feast

3. Working an extra overnight shift at holiday pay rates (cha-ching)

4. Turkey and all the fixings without having to slave in a hot kitchen

5. Carving the beast (This job means I get to sample the turkey before anyone else)

6. Leftovers—turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches. Yum!

7. No one invited over because I have to sleep (blessed peace & quiet)

8. No post-gorging football marathon and no family fights (see #7)

9. A second feast at work provided by the hospital (and it’s free)

10. Indulging in all the fabulous desserts I baked a few days earlier (delayed gratification)

11. Sleeping through the Black Friday insanity

12. Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of a month long marathon of wonderful old Christmas movies and cartoons

13. Taking the time to remember all the great things I have to be thankful for

Enjoy the holiday and take the time to think of all the wonderful blessings in your life!

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Sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me! I love watching the parade!

Lori says:

Wow, don’t you have the right idea? Sleep is always good (smile). Wish I could do the same. Happy TT!

Tink says:

We don’t have Thanksgiving over here, but you make it sound very attractive to me!
My TT lists 13 facts about the black panther.

Works for me. Enjoy every minute. Have a great TT. 🙂

This is a marvelous list! The leftovers and rest top my list, too!

Sounds like a happy, stress-free Thanksgiving. Congratulations on mastering the art of enjoying the holiday!

I’m with you on Thanksgiving being much more enjoyable when you’re not the hostess, LOL!

nicholas says:

That’s an interesting list, and you take an individual approach to the day!

Awesome traditions! I so can’t wait for it either. The food and the parade are highlights!

Janet says:

I’m loving all the positive vibes from the T13 this week!

Can I join you for Thanksgiving? It sounds like a lovely day!

Happy TT, Nicole!

Lori says:

They all sounds awesome. Its one of my favorite holidays:) I hope you enjoy and lets pray there are a few killer football games on too, like the Chargers game last weekend….Happy TT.

I love Thanksgiving–as long as I don’t have to cook the turkey dinner! Happy TT!

Raggedy says:

Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful!!!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT’ing!
(“)_ (“)Š

Jane says:

I’m getting hungry just reading the list.

Xakara says:

It sounds great! It’s been a few years since I’ve had a full Thanksgiving but I still appreciate the time of year as we transition into the Christmas season and all that comes with it.

I can’t wait to cuddle up and start watching the holiday movies this year.

Happy TT 🙂


DrillerAA says:

I’m saving my Thankful list for next week…when no one will read it because they will be to busy being thankful with friends and family.
I used to love the Macy’s parade, but since it turned into a lip-sync, tv show promo, baloon fest, I’ve lost interest.

Happy TT

Great list, Nicole! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you!!

Done the Macy’s Day thing a couple of times, but not the parade, the cutie company takes us in to watch the balloons being blown up…we do this whenever there’s a visitor, otherwise you couldn’t pay me to go.

Your plans for the holiday sound wonderful, enjoy!

Happy thanksgiving! We don’t really celebrate it here. It’s just easier to go with the National holidays.

LA Day says:

Great list. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Michelle says:

I’m with you on #1, although I think every kid should see it in person, once. We took my son when he was 4, and he still remembers the Pikachu balloon.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy TT!

I’m with you on the month-long marathon of holiday movies and stuff. I do miss having huge family gatherings for Thanksgiving – even though it DID mean too much football on TV.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


Sharon says:

LOVE the Macy’s parade, as well as the month-long holiday movies, too. 🙂 Great post.
Have a nice day!

Wonderful TT, Nic. Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out, especially sleeping through Black Friday!

Natalie says:

Wow! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is almost here! I wish I had someone to make our dinner. This is the first year ever we’re not going somewhere and I have to do it. Eek!

Wolfie says:

Home cooked food..yummy..!!

damozel says:

This ALMOST makes me think about enjoying Thanksgiving. It was never a holiday I could get emotionally involved again—thanks to a childhood tradition of having to spend every last one with my awful cousins (I love them now, but that was then).

damozel says:

This ALMOST makes me think about enjoying Thanksgiving. It was never a holiday I could get emotionally involved in—thanks to a childhood tradition of having to spend every last one with my awful cousins (I love them now, but that was then).

I do remember with some nostalgia the delicious home-cooked (BUT NOT BY ME) food. My British husband and I will spend it at a restaurant.

The good news: a friend I haven’t seen in years is coming down to visit after the day itself—which will be fun!

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