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{October 26, 2007}   Virgin River Trilogy by Robyn Carr


One of my readers insisted that I read the Virgin River Trilogy by Robyn Carr, and I’m very glad she did. Thanks again, Christine! This is a great set of books about a group of people coming together in a small northern California town, and conquering the heartbreak and traumas of their lives.

While each book’s primary focus is on one couple, the ongoing stories of many characters are intertwined through all 3. At times this can become overwhelming and I felt like I was reading several different books at once. It was also somewhat confusing when the author changed from one point of view to another without any indication or warning.

Those minor annoyances aside, I recommend you pick up these captivating, heartwarming books. Within moment of picking up the first story, I was emeshed in the lives of the characters and the charming town.

You can find Virgin River, Shelter Mountain, and Whispering Rock at Amazon.


Crystal says:

This is an awesome series. I keep recommending it to everyone!

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