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{October 24, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #26


Thirteen Halloween Pranks

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Dressing up as someone else, running around the neighborhood in the dark, people giving you candy—what’s not to love. My friends and I used to go to all the neighborhood houses, using pillow cases to collect our candy in, then race home to change costumes, revisiting the homes giving out the best treats. We also had some fun playing tricks. Here are 13 Halloween pranks I have participated in, some of which I’m not real proud of.

1. There is a street in my neighborhood lined with trees. One year, my friends and I hooked up different items (grapefruit, fake ghosts, etc.) to some fishing line and hung it over the telephone lines where they crossed the street. Then we climbed up in the trees and took turns lowering the items in front of cars and trick-or-treaters in an attempt to startle them.

2. Another fishing line trick was to measure out a length of fishing line, hook empty cans to both ends and string it at bumper height across the street between shrubs. The line would catch on passing cars and they’d nosily drag the cans down the street. I’m ashamed to admit that we didn’t think this through very well and caused a kid riding a bike to crash.

3. Many times we dressed up as trees, bushes, lawn ornaments, etc. and hid in different places around the neighborhood to see how many people we could scare. If you did a good enough job scaring the kids, they’d drop their candy.

4. I took a pair of jeans and stuffed them with newspaper and sewed the cuff to an old pair of sneakers. I laid these out in the driveway with one leg bent at the knee then closed the garage door over the hips. This one even attracted the attention of the police who drove by and shone a spotlight on the fake body.

5. We had some neighbors no one liked. On Halloween they had a bunch of really cool carved pumpkins, which we stole and redistributed around the neighborhood.

6. Lord only knows where our teen minds came up with this one, but we made exploding pumpkins filled with firecrackers. We placed the pumpkins at front doors and one of us would ring the bell while another lit the protruding fuse. Needless to say it was loud and messy.

7. A kid in our neighborhood was silly enough to have a Halloween sleepover. We waited until around 2 am and went over with scary masks and flash lights. Holding the lights to illuminate our masks, we banged on the windows and scared the heck out of them.

8. This didn’t start out as a prank. As an adult, I rather convincingly dressed as a man. I think it was probably 1990 when society was a bit less accepting of gay couples. My boyfriend didn’t dress up, but took me out to lunch, and as was our habit, we sat on the same side of the booth. He put one arm around my shoulders until our food arrived, and we’d kissed several times. Neither one of us realized it at first, but we freaked out a lot of homophobic people. LOL!

9. This one got us in the most trouble. We dressed up and used make-up to look like accident victims. We’d put a black lump of rolled up cloths in the street. Cars would hit it and stop. As the driver walked around the car, one of us snuck out of the bushes and lay down in the road, acting as if they’d run us over. All our parents were called (by now the neighbors knew who the pranksters were) and most of us ended up on restriction.

10. Of course, we did the standard toilet papering, egging, etc. One time we sat in one of the kids driveways with a big plastic bowl. The trick-or-treaters came up and we dropped golf balls into their bags and plastic buckets. When nobody showed up at the front door for candy, the parent shrugged it off and gave it to us.

11. The time we went around the neighborhood smearing cheap shaving cream on car windows backfired. We got caught and spent the next day cleaning car windows.

12. Here’s one that was pulled on me. I answered the door and found a cute little girl in a princess outfit. Alone. After giving her some candy, I followed her down the walkway to make sure a parent was with her. Dressed in a gruesome costume, her father jumped out from behind one of my bushes and scared the heck out of me. The kid was laughing because she’d known what was going to happen.

13. One year when we were no longer into getting the candy, we went trick-or-treating and gave treats to our neighbors who were staying home to pass out candy. This one was actually an apology for some of our pranks.


If you set out to perpetrate some tricks, keep a few things in mind. Leave the little kids alone. It’s just bad form to scare or mess with the little kids, and you don’t want to mess with a pissed off mom. Think your prank through—getting arrested takes all the fun out of it! Make sure your prank can’t cause any real harm or damage to property or trick-or-treaters. While your out springing your prank remember that someone may be setting up their own prank for you.

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Nicholas says:

re #5. Did stealing their property make them any more likeable?

No, of course not. We were just young and rather stupid. lol! Thanks for visiting, Nicholas!

Ellen says:

should I admit I’m happy you don’t live in my neighborhood. Or…maybe things would be more exciting if you did…

OMG, you were quite the hellion! I approve, with a LOT of envy. I was never that bad. Heck, I was never bad.

Maybe I ought to fix that…

LOL! My neighborhood was all boys, and being the only girl, I had to do a lot to be included. Thankfully, we grew out of it after a while. 😀

DrillerAA says:

When computers depended on punchcards we would collect the chad from a friends office. We would have a trash can full of this stuff in several colors. We would put the chad in a lawn spreader and paper the lawn with it. There is no way to remove it…thankfully it is biodegradable.

That’s nice. Over here, there is one residential village that majority of the residents decorates their outdoor with halloween decors and they allow outsiders to do their trick or treat stuff.
My T13 is up too.

Lori says:

Im not going to forward this list to my Im glad you werent my neighbor;) Happy TT, thanks for the heads up.

Can’t say I care for #5. #8 is cool.

Glad you didn’t live in my neighborhood.

marcia says:

we used to soapwindows –so bad

LOL! My neighbors were glad when we grew out of it.

Trish says:

Some of these are very funny – though I didn’t do a lot of pranks and in hindsight I wish I had more fun as long as didn’t hurt anyone(we didn’t/don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia much , so less opportunity).

Oh yes, some of these rang a bell with me: toilet papering, shaving cream, canning. My one big Halloween prank was at a sleepover at my friends house where we stayed up late watching spooky flicks and tearing newspapers into confetti then tossing it around the street. Next morning we had to clean it up – everyone knew it was us because I slept over. Bad rap!

Xakara says:

I guess we all have those things we did as kids that we look back on as adults with head hung down. I attribute it to the brain not being full formed and being unable to concieve of the consequences of certain things completely.

Thank goodness we grew up nowhere near each other. I managed to never get caught before I abruptly grew out of things. There’s no telling what kind of trouble or what degree of property damage we may have caused together. 🙂

Happy Thursday


I’m just in it for the chocolate. Although pumpkin carving is fun, too. And this year we’ll probably dress the kids up and take them out if it isn’t too cold.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ‘don’t tell anyone, but I did TPing and egg throwin’ too’!!!! The ignorance of youngsters, huh? Now, if I saw my grandkids doing the same, they’d have hell to pay. rofl

Happy T T-ing

You wicked wicked woman you.

I remember Halloween sleepovers and scary stories. We wound up so scared we couldn’t sleep!

LA Day says:

Sounds like fun!

I am so glad you didn’t live by me – kidding, these were a hoot!

Yen says:

Sounds fun! I love Halloween too:)

Ok, I’m sooo glad I don’t live on your street! You’d totally freak me out! But it’s a great list and I do love Halloween….

Happy TT

Titania says:

You are quite the trickster! Love it. You sure have a very creative mind. 🙂

Now I just have to pray my son never sees this list!

Quite the list. I lived in the middle of no where so we never did anything like that. LOL hope the girls never see this list *G*

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