Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{September 19, 2007}   Candyman – A Work In Progress


Genre: Vampire


Vivid dreams plague Elisa Wilde. Dreams so real they seem to be another’s memories from a distant time. Driven to solve the mystery, she’s drawn into an amazing adventure—the hunt for another woman’s lost lover.

Decades have past and still Michael Claret waits. But when the love of his life finally arrives, the ancient warrior must face his most daunting battle yet.

Fate will not be denied and cannot be cheated. To keep from losing his lover once and for all, Michael has to find a way to alter the path fate has chosen for them.

Memory/dream Sequence Excerpt:

Someone handed her a microphone, and Edie lay on her side in a provocative pose that accentuated curvaceous hips. It grew so quiet she heard the soft sounds of people shifting in their chairs, along with the muted shuffle of feet as they moved closer. The air thickened with expectancy, the audience seeming to hold their breath. She felt their rapt attention resting on the darkened stage, anxiously awaiting her performance.
A breathless series of moans eased from her lips, the sensual sounds captured by the microphone and carried to the furthest reaches of the club.
“Ahh, mmmhmm, yeah.”
She hummed then sucked in a breath between her teeth, savoring the sexy hiss. Edie started to sing acapella.
“Well hello there, handsome.”
The pianist joined in, delicate tinkling tones merging with her low-pitched breathy tone.
A light snapped on behind her, its diffused glow silhouetting her body.
“You’re such a naughty boy.”
The guitarist began to play, adding a vibrating strum to the mix.
“Left me hot and bothered.”
Then the horns resonated through the room.
“Needing your sweet lovin’.”
As the stage lights rose in a slow progression, Edie slid her hand along her side, drawing attention to her body. Appreciative catcalls and whistles rang out, but never loud enough to detract from her performance.
Her eyes adjusted to the lighting and she scanned the rapt listeners, many of whom sat on the edge of their chairs. Making a complete circuit of the room, she paused often to give the men the thrill of being noticed.
So many strong men to choose from, yet none had that certain something she longed for. The spark that would ignite her flame. Tender romance and an all-consuming passion to make her feel alive.
The sultry lyrics flowed over her tongue, caressed her lips, seducing the crowed but leaving her cold and alone. Set apart because of her aloof persona. Damned by the outcome of a plan of her own design.
“You make me feel, ahaa mmmm.”
Her gaze landed on a group of flyboys banded together, one man standing out from the others—the obvious leader surrounded by his loyal troops. He stood tall and confident in his tan class-B uniform. A silver bar on each shoulder of his brown bomber jacket indicated his rank—first lieutenant. The silver wings over his heart the proud symbol of an aviator.
Her heart rate spiked, heating blood which pounded in her ears. A gluttonous need exceeding anything she’d ever experienced assaulted Edie. Her breasts swelled, her belly did somersaults, and the most wondrous tingling spread through her sex.
Licking her dry lips, she drank in every detail, feeling ravenous for the tall, dark and devastating officer. He nodded and said something to one of his men, but the intent focus of his gaze never left Edie. Light colored eyes, perhaps blue, pierced straight into her core.
The rest of the club faded into the background, and it was just the two of them. Edie’s voice became even huskier, more seductive, as she sang to him. Only him.
The one.
The flesh and blood incarnation of her fantasy man.
He issued a command and the men fanned out around the room. Edie had no idea how she managed to stay put and finish the song when her body screamed for action. Her arms longed to hold him close, and her fingers itched to slide through his hair. She wanted to be pressed tight against him from shoulder to ankle. To let her tongue discover each detail of his sexy mouth and savor his taste.
Would his kiss be soft and tender or hard and greedy? Would his solid masculine planes fit her supple feminine curves as well as she imagined?
Finding out the answer to those questions became her top priority.


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