Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{August 25, 2007}   New Cover Goodness

Woohoo! I love getting new book covers, and Samhain artist Anne Cain always does an amazing job. Isn’t it pretiful!


Jesse’s Challenge, book 3 of the Corralled Series, releases November 6th.


In this anonymous game, she makes all the rules. It’s a challenge no cowboy can resist. 

When Jesse Powers jumps feet first into the shark-infested waters of big-business wheelers and dealers, homesickness for his Montana ranch rides this cowboy hard. Until a fiery uptown girl captures his interest. 

Kate Brooks has a strategy mapped out to climb the corporate ranks then start her own graphic arts firm. Deviation from her plan is not an option. She certainly can’t afford the distraction of her hunky, peeping-Tom neighbor—no matter how great the temptation. 

As they engage in an anonymous game of exhibitionism and voyeurism, Jesse and Kate push the limits until flirtation explodes into a feverish night of pleasure beyond compare. While Kate’s willing to let Jesse take charge in the bedroom, she makes it clear that her submission ends at the bedroom door. Yet it proves frighteningly easy for Jesse to turn her control to putty anytime, anywhere. 

For Jesse, it’s easy to talk Kate into a weekend at his ranch, where he can really turn up the heat. The hard part will be convincing her to stay. 

Because somewhere between harmless flirtation and hell-bent-for-leather sex, Jesse’s “sly red fox” has lassoed his heart. 

Warning, this book contains lots of yeehaw hot cowboy sex, including voyeurism and exhibitionism, told in contemporary, graphic language.



Stephanie says:

Great cover Nicole!! Sounds like a great read too!!

Thanks, Stephaine! I love the cover, and Jesse…he’s a wild thing.

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