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{August 8, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #17

Thirteen Sucky Things About School Shopping

They’re going back…YAY! It’s a wonderful time of year. The kids are going back to school. It would be perfect if school shopping wasn’t such a nightmare! Here’s a few of the hassels we ran into on our annual back to school shopping trip. 

1. My 12 year old son is now into labels. Last year he could have cared less what brand his clothes were. This year he’s very expensive.

2. Clothes sizes vary way too much from brand to brand, and even within the same brand. This means everything must be tried on and several sizes must be taken into the fitting room, otherwise you are running back and forth for different sizes.

3. I’m not sure what my son does in the dressing room, but it takes him forever. Took him 20 minutes to try on 3 pairs of jeans. Ugh!

4. I am no longer allowed in the boys changing room. Last year I could wait in the dressing room outside whichever cubicle he was in. Now I have to stay far away from the dressing rooms and he may or not come out to model the clothes.

5. We used to be able to get everything in two stores, Old Navy and JC Penny’s. Now we have to run from one store to another to find the specific brands.

6. This is tax-free week for clothes and school supplies in Florida. Everyone is out at the stores and things are a mess. You can’t find anything because the hordes have not put things back where they belong.

7. The mall crawl. My son has discovered that it is cool to stroll slowly, preferably no where near me, and check out the girls.

8. Parking is a mess. We did okay at the first store, but as the day got later the lots filled up, making finding a space very difficult.

9. Carrying all multiple plastic bags is painful. The damn things press into the sensitive skin of your fingers, creating deep red gouges.

10. Different office and mart-type stores have school supplies at varying prices. One store may have the best deal on paper, but another has the good deal on pens. This means either paying more for some things or running from one store to another.

11. The food court is loud, and finding a table is next to impossible.

12. When we were finally ready to leave and the trunk was loaded down with packages, we climbed into the boiling hot (the feels like temp is 105) car and it wouldn’t start. No light, no noise, nothing.

13. The waiting room at Sears had soap operas on the TV, and the magazines were in all in Spanish. This made for a very long 2 hour 45 minute wait while they figured out how to get the wedged in battery out of my car. My Grand Prix has a V8 engine and not much room for anything else. It also took forever to find a new one that would fit into the cramped space.

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haze says:

teenager soon I can understand why their into label now

amy says:

We have years until this but now I understand what my parents went through!

Sounds like your 12-year-old son is exhibiting his independence! Did you enjoy these shopping trips more when he was younger? Or were they still hell?

His trips used to be a lot more enjoyable. They wore uniforms in elementary school, which was wonderful.

Suprina says:

I encountered the SAME thing this week. We had tax free weekend this past weekend here in TN. Our school starts back tomorrow. My TT is about School supply list!

Great List!

Happy TT!

Hey! Great list, but I think that your number 7, is your answer to number 3&4!

Our list is up as well if you want to stop by and have a look…

I think the labels can also be explained by him having found girls. LOL!

sounds like you really had a hectic week, huh? well then, happy thursday!

Whoa. I hope this stage with my son doesn’t come too soon. And what’s with the evil pricing, anyway???

Hang in there… and happy TT!

Joely says:

I’m so not looking forward to labels, cliques, etc. My monsters are too little to care right now.

Yep, this sounds about right. I have two grand daughters and one it into labels. The other one will be shortly I’m sure. Sounds the same though. Hang in there…It will be quiet when they are off to school. Have a great TT. 🙂

My kids are in to labels yet. We have a thrift store that I bought some South Pole jeans from for $1.50 brand new…with the tags.

Yes, I can’t wait for school to start! And I’m so glad we are done with our shopping. Yay!

Mall Crawl. LOL!
Let me guess he is between the age of 10-13?

I can;t wait for school to start and put the little brats on some unsuspecting newbie teacher. HEHEHE

I try to avoid the fuss w/ school supplies. I shop a week after school starts. Get some good deals then on overstock.

MamaLee says:

I just went uniform shopping for my son today. I’m sure things will get more interesting when I have to shop for 2 girls as WELL in the future!

Happy TT!

Yup, he’s 12, Gabriella! LOL!

Uniforms are great. I wish we still had them!

Lori says:

You know…I dont remember my boys ever trying anything on. We just got the right size and we were out of there. Yes, it does get more expensive the older they get. I use to spend a fortune on my oldest son…now he does;)

Glad it’s you and not me! 🙂 For once my job doesn’t sound too bad….

Lori says:

Ugh, that sounds wretched. I notice you don’t even go into school supplies. Do they let you buy those or are there endless discussions about those as well?

Happy TT!

DK says:

Back to school shopping – I have never seen a family that actually looked like they enjoyed the process! lol I can SO relate to 9. I carried 4 smallish bags through the mall Sunday and my hand still hurts! I’m glad you survived this annual nightmare 🙂

Jennie says:

Ha. What a great TT! As a teacher, I can relate. I just went to Costco for markers, Target for pencils, and Walmart for paper. It seems silly, but we do what we have to! Happy Thursday!

Ann says:

Sorry to hear about your battery, and the shopping woes. Happy TT.

The part of the adventure at Sears sounds particularly unpleasant.

damozel says:

Yeah, I don’t look back with any nostalgia to those days. The moment will come when you will give the kid some money and let him do his OWN shopping (accepting the consequences) rather than endure the indignity of “What? I’m NOT with her”! I can remember a period during my stepdaughter’s life when we both had a tacit agreement to pretend we didn’t know one another in public! You definitely have to pick your battles with teens.

Sob! I still have school shopping to look forward to. My almost nine year old is suddenly concerned with wearing “popular” clothes. I’m dreading hitting the mall this year.

I see the label thing with my nieces and nephews. You have my sympathy. I hate shopping in busy malls.

Rasmenia says:

That does not sound like a fun day at all! However, I can imagine all of this as the episode of a sitcom.

Great list. 🙂

Nic, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with this yet. You have nerves of steel to face the mall with a teenager in tow.

*LOL* I hear on the brand thingy. Oldest witchling is very specific about which brand this or that should be brought. *shakes her head*

well, this sounds like an awful time. I was going to say once you discover labels, you discover chicks, but you covered that angle for me already.

LA Day says:

I understand! I have an almost 13 year old daughter.

Bob says:

Ours is so much more fun, but then again our kids are 5 and 2. I imagine it’ll get more challenging.

Ah, your little boy is growning up. LOL Girls are replacing just about everything else in his life. 🙂

Nothing like being completely un-cool and hid from by the fruit of your loins. I’m doing mine next week and dreading it. Ugh.

Ember says:

I so love online shopping! And, the fact my 13 yo son is NOT label concious.
My 5 yo daughter is enough for both of them 😦

I’ve done a lot of their shopping via the internet this year, thank god! My oldest is really tall but wiry so the 10s are too big in the waist but he needs the length. Luckily, that sort of baggy thing is in. I just need to get belts. Sigh. My six year old is just freaking excited to be going to school all day, LOL so he’s on board with whatever I buy.

It’s always the school supplies that are the biggest pain!

Marina says:

Wow–I’m so glad that my son is only 2. I’m not looking forward to this aspect of the future.

Happy TT!

Mallory says:

Not fun at all. At least Oregon has no sales tax so they don’t have everyone trying to shop on the same weekend. I have a 12 yr old son, too. He is not that into brands, except maybe Nike. My 14 yr old daughter, however…that’s a different story! My TT’s up too.

Guusje says:

Ah, the job of shopping with teenagers- when mine got to that age I gave them $$ and dropped them off. I loathe the mall. Any mall. I avoid all stores on tax free day.

Uggh! I hate shopping and dread #1. I know it’s coming. My fashion girl will get into labels. *sigh*

I can’t wait until my son can be given money and dropped off to do his own shopping. Or better yet, when he has a job and buys his own clothes. LOL!

Love online shopping, but it doesn’t work for him as far as jeans and shorts go. The shorts have to be a certain length, and he has to try them on for size variances.

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