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{July 25, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #15

Thirteen Things I Hate About Summer

I’m melting…I’m melting. Hey, it could happen this summer. The temps are reaching record highs. For the most part it’s always summer her in Florida, but July and August are killers!

1. Heat. It’s hot enough to cook breakfast on the hood of my car. You can’t do anything outside for more than a couple of hours without risking heat stroke.

2. Bikinis. I’m okay with shorts, but I’m 40+ with two kids, and bikinis are not an option. I’m not even going into the people on the beach, both men and women, who wear them and shouldn’t. My poor eyes!

3. Hot water. You can’t even go into the water to cool off. The current temperature of the Gulf of Mexico is 90 degrees. That’s not even mentioning the sharks and stingrays you have to worry about if you do venture into the water.

4. Hurricane threat. Hurricane season starts June 1st. The weathermen love it. Gives them something to talk about. Their constant threats of potential storms brewing gets old real quick, putting us into a constant routine of either putting up or taking down the plywood from the windows.

5. Power bill. The air conditioner runs continually, making my bill 2 ½ times the normal amount. $250 this month. Youch!

6. Sunburn. Enough said.

7. Love bugs. They are out in full force here in Florida, and if you don’t wash them off your car pretty quickly their smashed little bodies start eating into the paint. Eww!

8. School’s out. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my son. He’s a great kid, but if he doesn’t have constant activity, then I get to hear about how bored he is…repeatedly. Since I work at a children’s hospital, I’m working harder too because of all the kids running around hurting themselves.

9. Less writing time. During the summer I still work overnights on the weekend, but then switch back to being a day person during the week to be with my son. My prime writing time in from 12 to 6 am. Not having that quiet time to myself is taking its toll.

10. Sleepovers. I don’t mind these if the kids can be quiet after midnight, but that seems to be the time they get silly and loud.

11. Family Visits. Since I live close to Orlando, family members want to visit and be taken to the theme parks. This goes back to #1. It’s way too hot for that mess! They also expect me to take time off from work for this torture.

12. Cutting the grass. This time of year, with all the rain and sun, the grass grows very quickly, meaning I have to brave the heat so my yard doesn’t become a jungle.

13. Tourists. They don’t know where they are going, which makes driving annoying for everyone. Not only is there more traffic, but they crowd into the few cool places like movie theaters, restaurants and malls. They’re easy to spot because of ill the advised bikinis and sunburned skin.

Just over a month more, than things should start getting back to normal around here. Yay!
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Toni says:

Hate to disappoint you, but I will be one of those tourists next week! Although I was born in Florida, and have lived there many times! Happy T13!

Air Force Wife

Milan says:

I hate Summer as well (and I’m 30). here we don’t have hurricanes but neither the sea so … Yesterday it was 44C (which is I don’t know 110F) and it was as if I live in Sahara. Horrible!
Oh I guess it would be quite useful if your relatives read your TT LOL

My TT is set up as well. It’s about ancient history of my corner of the world!
Cheers from Serbia!

Dewey says:

I have to say that I think if I lived in Florida, I would just hibernate in the summer. Ugh!

I do too. Over here we are suppose to be on the rainy season but NO! It’s still summer.
My T13 is up too.

Have fun on your trip, Toni!

110…ouch! I would never leave the house. Sending cool thoughts to you, Milan.

Dewey, I do hybernate for the most part, only going outside to reach the car or make the 1/4 mile walk into work from the parking garage. LOL!

No A/C here except in the car. Happy TT.

Hopefully you’ll get some rain soon, Friday’s Child!

Ack! Pussreboots, a/c is critical to survival here.

Oh, I was sooooo happy to read this. So I’m not alone! I live in Chicago, the most livable city in the world, but I hate the summers. Too humid. Too many tourists (walking really slowly and usually in search of the American Girl Store). Commuters get grumpy. Storms come up out of nowhere and drench me. If it wasn’t for my beloved Cubs, I’d rather have fall and winter all year around. (BTW, I have friends who live in the Keys and they never go outside in the summertime unless friends or relatives are visiting. They think it’s too hot and too crowded.)

Lara says:

I know exactly what you are saying in #8, #9 and #10. The kids’ schedules are off and so are they!! I know they say if Mom ain’t happy, nobody’s happy, but I think it’s the other way around!
Great TT — and good luck with the tourists!

I spent 4 years living in the Mojave Desert so I can definitely relate to the heat complaints. Yes, it was a dry heat but it was still 115, ugh!

Hey, we live in Florida too. And I—damozel—used to live in Kissimmee, so I know what you mean about theme park torture. One summer I had to take someone to a theme park virtually every week (and my husband worked for Disney, which actually did used to provide free tickets, so….) I sometimes miss Central Florida, but I’m glad to be a good two hours away from the attractions, particularly in the summer!

I live in central California so I can relate to the heat. My electricity bill is usually around $250.00 in the summer months. The water isn’t that warm though… Never wanted to go to Florida and you have confirmed why. Hurricane’s and those bugs you talked about. I’m staying here. Great list and I enjoyed the read. Have a great TT. 🙂

The Gal Herself – I go outside as little as possible during summertime.

Lara – School being out messes up my whole schedule!

Crimson Wife – 115…ack! I bet you’re glad to be out of there.

The Crux & Damozel – I’d think working at Disney would be pretty tough. Especially in the summer.

Comedy Plus – The love bugs were actually created, I forget their purpose, and are a major nuissance!

Shannon says:

That’s why summer is my LEAST favorite season of them all! 🙂 Also everything smells…or it could just be L.A. Hope you have a cool weekend!

Joely says:

We get miserable humidity here in “Misery” otherwise known as Missouri. But my monsters go back to school in about 3 weeks! Yay!

Shannon – LA smells during the summer? Ick! At lease we don’t have that to deal with. I hope you have a cool weekend too.

Joely – I will be so happy when my so goes back and I get into my normal routine.

Ann says:

I lived in Orlando for a couple years so I can totally sympathize with you, then I moved to coastal Virginia, and experienced the ever wonderful Bermuda High (heat index around 115). Fortunately we haven’t been slammed to badly this year, but still. Is it October yet?
P.S. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that neither of us get hurricanes, just lots of nice cooling rain.

MamaLee says:

I hear ya. I was down in Orlando the last 2 Julys, for my hubby’s work conferences. OMG. SO hot.

Stay cool!

Happy TT!

missprofe says:

My TT is the antithesis of yours: 13 things I like about summmer. LOL!

Have a nice weekend, and, stay cool.:)

Suprina says:

# 1, 2 and 12 I am so with you on!

Happy Thursday Thirteen!

Denise says:

SO True!!! I love summer but the heat is ENOUGH! And I don’t have ac, we have freakin swamp coolers. I miss air conditioning. 🙂

We haven’t had it too bad this year. In fact, it’s been unusually cold, but we did have one heatwave that was more than enough, considering nobody has AC out here. Stay cool, Nic!

I don’t get enough summer. LOL

But I don’t envy you the hurricanes!

LA Day says:

I used to love summer but now that I’m 40+ the heat is too much! I was just down in your part of the country and I’m glad to be back in Kentucky. It’s hot here too but not as humid, at least not this week.

Our summer has been surprisingly mild! I haven’t run the A/C nearly as much, and the mosquitoes are minimal whereas last summer they almost carried me off every time I stepped out the door.

What we’re saving on the electric bill, though, is getting eaten up by the water bill. We have to water the lawn for lack of rain. (Grass doesn’t go dormant here when it gets dry – it dies and you have to reseed.)

The one thing I *do not miss* about living in Florida, is Love Bug season. Yuck!

Ann – I hope for a very slow hurricane season! Might help with the house market.

Missprofe – Enjoy your summer break from school! I admire anyone who can spend 9 months with our crazy kids 9 months out of the year and not go insane! Tried to post that on your blog, but wasn’t able to.

Denise – Swamp coolers? Never heard of them. I couldn’t live without a/c here. I don’t know how they did it in the days before electricity.

Charli – Send some of that cool weather down here…please!

LA – The heat & humidity is such a constant here. You don’t get any break. It’s gross! Can’t move yet, though that’s the eventual plan.

Carolan – I hear you on the water bill. We weren’t getting any rain until recently so we had both bills skyrocketing.

Nancy – I hate those stupid conjoined bugs!

J. Lynne says:

I grew up in New Orleans and I never understood why everyone got all riled up at the whisper of a tropical storm or hurricane. Everyone would rush to the store for supplies and fight over ice and peanut butter and batteries and then nothing would happen. I think that the weather people need to be more cautious and less alarmist and actually warn people when there’s real danger.

Btw, I live in Maine now, but I still have a stockpile of masking tape from the old days.

As for number two, here’s a disturbing image for you:

“Baggy Speedos”

J. Lynne – It makes me crazy the way the weathermen stress everyone out.

Rhetorically – That is quite the image. Ick!

robyn says:

Great TT – I hate bikinis and am not really into shorts either… understand about the visitors too. You don’t mention bugs….

You forgot morons that wander around saying ‘Hot Enough For Ya?’!

OMG, they are the worst, Matthew!!!

Guusje says:

We were just in Orlando and didn’t visit a single theme park! Here in Houston the weather people are frothing at the mouth about possible hurricanes too. Gets old

Dang, I’ve been thinking about moving farther south, but you’ve got me convinced it would not be the good thing I think it would be. (Saved by the TT) 🙂

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