Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 20, 2007}   Bjorn’s Mate by Mary Winter


Captain Bjorn Lunde leads a team of highly specialized troops. In need of assistance, Bjorn must welcome Sigrid Myrhe, a scientist whose knowledge may help stop a series of vicious attacks — if her voluptuous body doesn’t drive the men to distraction first. Bjorn wants her at first glance, on his team and in his bed—and it seems his bear has found its mate. Now Bjorn must control the bear and his lust for Sigrid to keep her from discovering what makes his team perfect for an Arctic mission.

Eager for a chance to prove herself, Sigrid soon discovers an assignment fraught with dangers she never imagined and men unlike any she’s ever known. The captain is more than her commander. He’s a man as rugged and mysterious as the frozen land she loves.

Bjorn needs a scientist. Sigrid hungers for a chance to prove her skills. What she finds is a team of men with inner beasts — and a sexual attraction hot enough to melt the Arctic landscape that surrounds them. 

Nic’s Recommendation:

I’ve read books about many different kinds of shifters. Lions, tigers, wolves… This refreshing story is about polar bear shifter Bjorn Lunde and his special team of men/bears. Sigrid is a researcher and kick-ass heroine. The book may be set in the frigid artic, but it will get you heated up, and fast. And the mystery surrounding their mission will keep you riveted.  

Ms. Winter’s vivid writing puts the reader in the center of the action. Bjorn’s Mate is an action-packed thrill ride I didn’t want to put down. I’ve heard this a series, and can’t wait to read more! 

Bjorn’s Mate is available from Ellora’s Cave.


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