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{July 11, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen Books Loaded On My E-book Reader

Here are thirteen of the sixty-something books on my e-book reader (in alphabetical order by author name) that I’m anxious to have time to actually read. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have some reading time! I’m going to reward myself with some hot books when I finish my current set of edits.

  Shelley Bradley – Watch Me – Samhain Publishing
  Lauren Dane – Ascesion – Ellora’s Cave
  Shelly Laurenston – Here Kitty, Kitty – Samhain Publishing
  Jenna Leigh – The Wolf’s Heart – Samhain Publishing

  Nancy Lindquist – Lady Lillian’s Guide to Amazing Sex – Samhain Publishing
  Annmarie McKenna – Fantasmagorical – Samhain Publishing

  Lorie O’Clare – For Life – Ellora’s Cave

  Jorrie Spencer – The Strength of The Pack – Samhain Publishing
  Jory Strong – Elven Surrender – Ellora’s Cave

  Claire Thompson – Masked Submission – Ellora’s Cave

  Beth Williamson – The Legacy – Samhain Publishing

  Mary Winter – Bjorn’s Mate – Ellora’s Cave

  Amanda Young – Shameful – Samhain Publishing

Links to the publishers – SamhainEllora’s
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While they don’t look to be my particular cup of tea, I wish you happy reading!

I’m so behind in my reading, I’m never going to catch up. Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy some of your books soon!

I have a couple of these on my reader also. I think Sameful is awesome, but then I might be a bit bias, since Mandi’s my critique partner. hehe!

I promised myself, after the next set of edits…it’s reading time! Nice list – have the Lorie O’Clare one myself – and the one before it still waiting as well – grrr!

So many books, so little time! We won’t even talk about my TBR stack of print books and the list of all my ebooks! At least e-books are easily portable! If only I could speed read! I absolutely love your layout on your blog. It’s so cool.

LOL! My stack of print books is beyond huge.

Thanks, Lesley! I wanted to blog to be fun.

Jenna says:

Ooh! Thanks Nicole! Now, to bother you about this Thursday 13 thing.

You’re welcome, Jenna! I’m reading The Wolf’s Heart right now. Wowza…it’s soooo good!

Lisa says:

I’ve never been to your blog, it’s really nice looking! I love the colors.

Happy Thursday.

Thanks, Lisa! Happy Thursday to you, too.

Ooooh! There are a lot of books that I think I need to buy now *g*

OMG! I am so honored to be loaded on your e-book reader and listed in this company. Wow! Thank you! I hope you love my polar bears as much as I do. 🙂

I can’t wait to read Bjorn’s Mate. I’m sure I’ll love it as much as all your other books!

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