Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{July 7, 2007}   I’m back!

We hit the ground running and barely stopped. From the airport the car service took us to our hotel, the Westin in Times Square. It’s gorgeous. The room on the 17th floor had a great view of the Hudson River. The bathroom in the hotel was a bit weird. It had two shower heads, one right behind the other, but not very much water pressure in the shower. The toilet was another story. You flushed it and the damn thing sounded like it would suck up the whole bathroom. It also spit water up onto the seat, which caused AJ to get blamed for peeing on the seat. LOL! Poor kid. 

Tuesday, after a big deli sandwich, we went to Central Park. The park is 843 acres. Wowza. I feel like we walked them all. It’s full of twisty and turny paths which go up and down hill, but how cool. People were lying out on the different grassy areas getting some sun, reading, watching the kids play. It was great. We took the horse drawn carriage ride, which was fun. 

Wednesday it was overcast all day. We went to Rockefeller center, caught part of the taping of the Today Show (saw Ann & Natalie) and decided to check out the views from the 70th floor observation deck. Even though it was cloudy and gray you could see for miles. After lunch we took a break and watched Wild Hogs at the hotel before the fireworks cruise.  

The Circle Line fireworks cruise was kinda a bummer. We figured since it was a 6 hour trip, they’d do the whole boat tour of Manhattan. Wrong. They drove us out past the Statue of Liberty, past the Brooklyn Bridge and parked by the Domino Sugar Factory. This took about an hour, then we sat. And sat… and sat… The fireworks were spectacular, shot from 3 different barges. I sent AJ to get a good spot at the back of the boat. There were smiley faces, stars, cubes, and hearts, to name a few of the cool shaped fireworks. When we finally got back to the hotel at 11:30 pm we were beat. 

Thursday we went to the South Street Seaport. AJ did the tour of the historic ships there while Mom and I enjoyed sitting on a bench and people watching. We did some shopping, then went on the double decker bus tour. The architecture of NYC is incredible. Many of the older buildings have incredible carvings and statues. We saw Madonna’s first slum apartment, and all kinds of interesting sights. It was a cool tour. We had dinner at Ruby Foo’s. Yum! 

Friday morning, Murphy’s Law, it was sunny since we were leaving. LMAO! We did some shopping and took it easy before heading out for the airport. We’d booked a sedan for car service, but they overbooked and we ended up in the shuttle van. What a nightmare. We got stuck in nasty traffic and the a/c didn’t work well, so we were sweating.

I was drooling over everyone’s laptops at the airport, and totally Jonesing since I didn’t bring mine on the trip. We sat on the tarmac at La Guardia for 35 minutes waiting to take off for home. Once we got here, AJ and I dropped the suitcases inside the door and ran for the computers. LOL! It’s been very quiet here, other than the tapping sound of keyboards.

We walked our asses off on this trip! And walking in NYC is a challenge. Its like the Frogger video game, trying not to get hit by a cab, and fighting the oncoming people as everyone tries to cross once the light changes. It’s insane! And the cabs honk for no discernable reason other than to make noise. Don’t even get me started about how they drive. I was very afraid!  

I’ve loaded my pictures to an online album. Enjoy!


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