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{June 21, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen Reasons I Forgot Thursday Thirteen

It’s Thursday…already. Oh my gosh. Someone shorted me a day this week. Ack!

1. I have C.R.S. (Can’t Remember S#*t)
2. Its summer and my son is home from camp, requiring my attention. (Hey, its sounds like a good excuse)3. I’m in a funk. Haven’t felt like reading, writing, or doing much other than watching movies.

4. I spent this morning working on my 4th of July blog entry for the Samhain Publishing blog since I’ll be out of town then.

5. The book trailers I’m working on for my next 3 releases are keeping me distracted.

6. The members of my Yahoo group need me to discuss important matters such as washer machines gone bad and hormones in milk. My input was vital.

7. The neighbors are on vacation and my son is dog sitting. The husband has a “man room” with a 52” wide screen high definition TV, and an X-box 360 with X-box live. Since its boring to race cars and battle demons alone, he needed my help.

8. I forgot it was Thursday. Refer back to #1.

9. The mail person delivered some new catalogues I just had to peruse, even if I didn’t buy anything.

10. It’s a bright, sunny, hot Florida day. I have to sit and stare out the sliding glass doors, from the couch in my air conditioned house, and enjoy the sun.

11. Both cats needed to be scratched and loved on.

12. My son wanted to learn to make pancakes and I didn’t want to watch the house burn down.

13. My memory sucks! I can never remember the name of the stuff that’s supposed to help with your memory. I also never remember to look for it in the pharmacy. Even if I did manage to buy it and bring it home, I’d never remember to take it so there’s no chance of the situation improving. LOL!

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Kristin says:

I think we’ve all been there!

Happy TT!

LOL All reasonable reasons. *g* Especially #1 and 6 and 11, and…

jennyr says:

that’s pretty good excuses,hehehe! just kidding! nice that u are in florida…i love to move there if i could,hehehe!

You don’t want to live here, Jenny! Too opressively hot all the time. Although, if your interested, I want out. Got a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath that will be going on the market.

I’m with ya on not remembering anything. I have like forty different pings a day from my calendar reminding me to do stuff.

They all make perfect sense to me…especially #5, that’s where I often hide, I mean am diligently working my fingers to the bone 🙂

#9 – why can I spend an hour looking at an Oriental Trading catalog?

LOL! I was looking at Oriental Trading and ABC distributing today.

rhian says:

I’m borrowing number one phrase “CRS” indefinitely – describes my problem perfectly. #6 – LMAO!!

Happy T13! I almost forgot mine, too!

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