Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{May 29, 2007}   My Current Project

Here’s a look at what I’m currently working on. This erotica story took me by surprise, but it’s also a lot of wild and crazy fun. It doesn’t have your typical romance HEA either. While researching, I found some interesting toys to torture my poor hero with. It will be a novella length BDSM/Menage. Only about 5,000 words or so to go and I’ll be finished with the first draft. 

Trip My Switch 

My ex-lover introduced me to the seductive world of BDSM and unleashed a hunger which gnaws at my soul. He insisted I was submissive, but unable to master my raging desires, he left me hanging on the edge.

Submission, dominance—I love it all, but I’m not too sure where I fit in. And what on earth was I thinking when I applied for the position of sex slave for a night?

The sexual extremities make me search my soul and yearn for extra time with my anonymous Doms. Too bad I signed a contract that limited the wild fun and games. I crave so much more—restraints, blindfolds, inventive toys. Bring it on!   

Note: Contains scenes of male/male sexual interaction.


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