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{May 17, 2007}   Pushing Boundaries

I love pushing boundaries. It’s one of my favorite things to do as an author. In my personal life, I’m a bit more…reserved. With my characters, I can push, poke and prod to see what happens. Heck, staying within the constraints of society’s imposed boundaries is boring! If someone didn’t have the courage to push against the norms we’d still be stuck in the stone ages, afraid of our own shadows. We certainly wouldn’t have any of today’s wonderful technology if people didn’t test the limits.

Since I write erotic romance, this means pushing past sexual fears, taboos and limits placed on sexuality, broadening horizons, and delving into new territory. Damn, do I have a fun job or what? *g* We all have different appetites. The only way to explore the possibilities is to punch through the box and set your imagination free.

A recent review of Tamara’s Spirit gave me pause for all of about two seconds when the reviewer said she found a specific scene “unpalatable”. *screeching to a halt* Say what? This is a scene I’ve been total is hot and stimulating. Heck, I didn’t even think I’d pushed very hard. A perfectly natural event was viewed by the hero and heroine and he talked about the parallels between raw, animal sex and their desires.

It’s a shame the reviewer missed the intense sensuality of the scene where Dakota is doing his job on the ranch, breeding and caring for the horses, and speaking provocatively to Tamara, who’d just done some shoving of her own. He moves in close behind her, trapping her against the fence. While answering her questions about the horse mating process, he goes into explicit, juicy details of exactly what’s happening that he longs to experience with her.

I love dirty talk, as do many of my readers. There’s something inherently sexy in having a man move in close and whisper his desires in your ear. You can find an excerpt of the scene in question by clicking here. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Your responses help shape my writing, so chime in. Did I push too far in this scene?


Kelly says:

No I don’t think you pushed too far. You took something that is natural and had Dakota use “human” terms(for lack of a better word) to express it.
Years and years ago I read a similar scene of the hero and heroine watching horses breed,the hero was doing his best to excite the heroine. You did it much better in my opinion! Maybe some people don’t care to have those “human” terms to descibe horse genitalia

Thanks for commenting, Kelly! I’m glad you enjoyed the scene. I want to make sure I’m not pushing too far with my writing.

You didn’t push the scene too far–at least in my opinion. If I wanted to read safe and traditional, there are other books I would choose.

I do suspect that a few people might equate that scene to “beastiality”, and it is nothing of the sort. I think it is perfect normal to see raw, animal sex and, having a man you want to have raw, animal sex with right there whispering in your ear, be excited by it. I’ve read similar scenes in other books and personally, I love them!

Thanks, TK! I definitely don’t write safe and traditional. Just don’t see the fun in that. 😀

candy says:

Nic that reviewer is WRONG!!!I dare this woman to be with a guy that she’s hot for while watching two animals mate and see if she doesn’t get turned on. However, the scene is beyond that because the sensual part was what Dakota was whispering and doing to Tamara as they watched the mating going on.

I agree with you, it is a shame that the reviewer completely missed the intense sensuality of the scene.

Keep writing the way you have been Nic. We love your storytelling.


Lis says:

I dont think you went to far at all with that scene Nic. I think it was HOT! And I definently dont see anything connecting it to bestiality.


I wouldn’t say she’s wrong. Everyone has their own opinions and things which are turn-ons and turn-offs. Beastiality was never mentioned in the review, just that the scene was “unpalatable” with watching animals mate as foreplay.

Thanks, Candy and Lis!

Christine says:

Wow, I do find it hard to believe that someone would’ve found that unpalatable… well I guess I don’t really find it that hard to believe after all because there are some pretty repressed people out there! LOL

I did not read the review so without knowing what the reviewer really meant I can’t comment really about what they think.

I can say that, for me, that phenomenally sexy scene was not about two horses mating. It was about a man and a woman, and a mating of their minds.

Watching animals mating is a primal thing, and while it doesn’t turn most of us on itself, when you parallel the human mating to animal, I mean really, come on, who doesn’t want an “animal” mating once in a while? For you sick perves out there I’m not talking about bestiality, I’m talking about rough, raw, animalistic mating between two humans. (Or shifters…yea I’m a sicko so sue me, LMAO)

My clit pops every time I think about Dakota up behind Tamara, whispering in her ear, his body sliding along her entire length, touching, caressing, talking dirty to her, telling her in no uncertain terms what a mating with him will be like. Their focus wasn’t really the horses so much, even though that was a big focal point in the scene, but rather it was on each other and their feelings of wanting an animalistic mating frenzy of their own.

Wow I mean what a build up to what eventually happens ya know? Now I totally need to go and read it again.

Do I think you pushed boundaries? No, not at all. I’m honestly not sure how someone who really read the story could think that it was unpalatable. And it does make me wonder if the person actually read it or skimmed through it out of obligation to reviewing it and missed the deeper meaning there. *shrugs* I dunno, but whatever it is… it’s their loss if they missed what it was really about.

Now I guess I have to find the doggone review.

Oh and Jesse and Katie… omg, you’ve totally taken it up some notches babe. Keep it up!


Thanks, Christine. I’m glad you enjoyed the scene. The review has not gone live yet, but was emailed to me ahead of time. I’m not sure when it will go up on the net.

Terrah says:

I loved that scene. I loved how you captured the heat of anticipation. I almost lost my breath taking that short, sweet journey with Tamara and Dakota. Bravo!

Thanks, Terrah! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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