Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{May 14, 2007}   Survivor Finale

Okay, I know some of you watch. I am a total people watcher. I love to see how different people will handle the same situation. Will they be lead by emotion, instinct or intellect? Survivor is a great show for that reason. 

Here’s your chance to speak out. Who did you want to win and why? Are you mad about the person who got the money? And what do you think of Dreamz’s move with the immunity necklace?  

IMHO, Yao messed up big time. He made a bad gamble. Give a man a car for a promise of a return favor. Hello! The motto of the game is “Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.” Of course Dreamz was going to take the car, make the promise, then do whatever was necessary to take home money. If Dreamz had handed the necklace over to Yao it would have been the same thing as handing the man his lottery ticket before checking the numbers.  

Don’t get me wrong, Yao was my favorite. That little dude surprised me in the challenges. He’s smart and a good player. I think he deserved to win right up until he made that bargain. Cassandra only got there by riding other’s skirt tails, so I didn’t feel she deserved anything. Earl would have been my second choice, and of the three up there, would have gotten my vote. 

Don’t agree with me? Speak up! I’d love to hear your opinion.


Annmarie McKenna says:

Umm…You did read my comment on your loop right? I don’t think you want me to vent again. And yeah, Yau f-ed up and ended up with nothing when he should have been the winner except for being to gullible to believe in that “GAME” that anyone would have just handed it over. I’m glad Earl won though.

Yup, I read your rant, which is what prompted me to give others a place to rant. LOL!

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