Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{May 1, 2007}   Overtime Error

Being nice can lead to major headaches. LOL! 

I agreed to work an extra shift tonight for a co-worker. She went hiking with her son. The brat. She’s off having fun and I’m dealing with what should have been her crummy night. Not even an hour into the 12 hour shift, the primary CT scan machine went down. The xray tube in it gave out. Ugh! Damn thing sounded like an airplane engine ready to take off. After notifying the service company and my supervisor, I had the distinct joy of calling the scheduled outpatients and cancelling their appointments.  

One guy kept going on and on about how he’d taken the day off from work, had an appointment set up with his doc for after the scan, etc. I just kept saying, “Yes, sir. That must be very frustrating for you. If you’ll call in the morning, they’ll be happy to reschedule your appointment.” Took 15 minutes to get him off the phone. 

I feel bad for the day shift techs. They have to scan all the patients on the older, slower scanner and listen to everyone complain about having their schedules disrupted. While they do that, I’ll be home sleeping off my migraine and making a note not to sign up for any more overtime.


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