Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{April 25, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things In My Refrigerator
It’s a good thing today is grocery shopping day. I have enough for an omelet or a yummy baked potato, but not much else. At least I have adequate hydration. LOL!

1. A quarter gallon of 2% milk
2. Light Cran-Rapberry juice
3. A jug of Jose Quervo margarita mix
4. 3 cans of black cherry vanilla diet coke
5. A pint of sour cream
6. A baked potato
7. 5 eggs
8. Too many condiments to name
9. Raspberry jelly
10. Some old, questionable deli turkey
11. Two slices of cheese
12. Mushroom caps
13. Something that looks like it was a peach in another life. (Now residing in the trash can)

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I’m so not sitting here giggling at #13. This is a great idea to use for TT. You could make a baked potato with sour cream, cheese and mushrooms. ‘-) Okay, now you’ve made me hungry.

JHS says:

Bahahaha . . . I’ve had weeks like that. Not since the kids started walking, though. There would be a revolt if there were no bean burritos or Eggos in the freezer!

I think I have something unidentifiable in my refridgerator too *g* I’m a little afraid to see what it might have been once upon a time.

Xilly says:

Can’t live without eggs! 😛

Happy TT!

she says:

I know I have something unidentifiable in my fridge. It was in a tupperware container at the back. I’m not opening it. That’s the hubby’s job! He dumps all unidentifiable ickiness for me.

zoe says:

That’s a fun list. Made me smile and remember my College days.

rhian says:

oh yeah – mystery food. you know it was something you bought once upon a time but what the heck was that.

Sounds like it’s time for both of us to hit the grocery store, Nic!

Kuanyin says:

I know what you mean…when we get busy writing, our refrigerators go to pot! Yup, time for me to shop too! Happy TT!

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