Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{April 16, 2007}   Wedded Bliss

Well, I don’t know if there will be wedded bliss or not, but there is bliss in the whole thing being over. LOL!  

Our trip into the country was…interesting. On the way home we decided that was the best description. The “town” was rather small. There were a few fast food places, Beef O’Brady’s, and of course the requisite Wal-Mart. Not much else except lots of land and cows. 

We had dinner with the kids the day we arrived. Kids. Yes, I still call them kids even though they are a married couple now. The next day was manicures and pedicures with the bridesmaids before the rehearsal. Talk about chaos…OMG! The woman who was doing the decorations took over. At first I was happy about this because no body else was stepping up, but then she became very bossy. 

Things were still confusing after the rehearsal, but the major players knew what they were supposed to be doing. Turns out the 5 months my daughter took off from school to plan her wedding were wasted, because she didn’t have anything planned. She didn’t even have the music ready. 

The grooms mother and step-father put on the rehearsal dinner. It was very nice. They did a great job and served a wonderful mean. Afterwards, I got to spend several hours scouring the internet for the wedding songs and burning a disk, along with other songs my daughter wanted for the reception.  

On the morning of the wedding we were burning more CD’s before my daughter went off to get her hair and make-up done. We were all at the church early. The mother of the groom did a beautiful job with the bridesmaids and flower girls hair. It was a windy, overcast day, but we still took pictures outside the church on this little bridge. 

The bossy decorator gathered us all into a bathroom before the ceremony and started lining everyone up. For some reason, the groomsmen were not walking the family down the aisle. Instead, boys of various ages were recruited to be ushers. I was walked down the aisle by a boy of about ten wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Ugh!  

All my work on the music was wasted. The CD’s we burned on my laptop wouldn’t work on the church’s sound system. Luckily, someone had the music so we at least had the songs for the wedding. The ceremony lasted all of 15 minutes. One flower girl silently cried her way down the aisle until she spotted her mother, then it was all over. She was having no part of it. One of the ring bearers spent the ceremony rolling around on the stairs and climbing around back stage. LOL! See…interesting.

They took a million more pictures before we headed down the hallway to the reception. No one was announced or put in any order to walk in. There was no music or DJ. After everyone ate, the best man didn’t exactly propose a toast. He made a joke. Took my daughter’s hand, put the groom’s over top of hers and said this is the last time Aaron would have the upper hand in their relationship. 

When Aaron tossed the garter, all the groomsmen backed up. Nobody wanted to be next. LOL! The best man ended up with the garter, and the maid of honor wound up with the bouquet. The kids did well with the cake. Aaron had to smash it a little bit into Danielle’s face to save face with his buddies. The bride and groom headed outside to take some more pictures, and before anyone realized what was happening Danielle and Aaron were in the truck and ready to leave. Nobody even got the chance to blow the cutely packaged bubbles at them as they left. 

The wedding started at 3:00 p.m. The whole thing was over and we were on our way back to the hotel by 5:30 p.m. Interesting. Yup, that’s about the best word. Our travels home yesterday were not fun. We drove through rainy and very windy weather which pushed the rental van all over the road. I’m just glad it’s over, and man, is it wonderful to be home! Calgon take me away. *g*


Congratulations on getting through the wedding, Nic! Glad you made it back home safe and sound.

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