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{March 29, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Ways To Survive Summer

(Yes, its summer here in Florida already)

1. Find a shady spot at a water park. Settle in with a cooler full of bottled water and a good book.
2. Get remote start for your car so the air conditioning is running when you make the hot trek from the house to the car.
3. Get a screened in pool installed in your backyard. Steal the children’s kiddy pool and put it under a shade tree as a cheaper solution. Or better yet, find a neighbor with a pool and get friendly.
4. Befriend an air conditioning repair person.
5. Work in a hospital, they’re always freezing cold.
6. Stock up on sun screen and use it! Sunburns can ruin your life for several days.
7. Put away dark, tight clothing and go with light and loose. Royal blue and white are the best for heat reflective qualities. Better yet, stay at home and dare to be bare.
8. Don’t eat spicy food. This will amp up your internal heat. Not to mention increased metabolism and taxing the digestive system raise body temps.
9. Find all the places in town with the best air conditioning, like shopping malls and restaurants. Libraries are excellent. They won’t kick you out for sitting around and reading.
10. Drink lots of non-alcoholic fluids (water, juice, sports drinks). Alcohol dehydrates.
11. Skip the potato or macaroni salad at the picnic or bbq. Mayonnaise in the hot temps equals deadly bacteria.
12. Sweating is actually desirable. It cools you down.
13. Buy a good, leave-in conditioner for your hair. Wash less often. Try rinsing and using the conditioner to hydrate dry, lackluster locks.

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I am all about #9. Me and the kids have been known to hang out in the produce section 🙂

Man, I can’t wait until summer.

scooper says:

I love the remote for the car idea. It would be perfect for me as I can’t stand to be cold.

Great advice! It’s heating up here in southwest Texas, too. Wish I had a remote control for the A/C here–putting bare hands on a hot steering wheel can leave blisters, I know from experience!

The remote is great. When I initially got the car, I thought what the hell do I need remote start for. Its great though. You set the air to auto, remote start the car a few minutes before you want to leave. When you get in the leather seats do not stick to your legs and you can actually touch the steering wheel. Love it!

It’s so funny that you would mention sunscreen. My SO went to the Bristol race last weekend and came hot red as a lobster. Neither one of even thought about sunscreen. 🙂

Jenn says:

Wow now I really want summer to get here.

There are some really great tips in there for keeping cool Nicole, but may I also add that if a reader was going to read one of your books this summer they should make sure they are in a well air conditioned room. The heat from you books will surely raise their temperatures and have them overheating for certain.

Annmarie McKenna says:

I have a pool 🙂 You can come be my friend.

I can speak from experience on Number 6. I took my son to the beach one year. I covered him in sunscreen, but forgot to cover my own back. I suffered second degree burns, scarring and spent several nights sleeping over the arm of the couch with a wet towel on my back while the fan blew on it. OUCH!!!

Some very good advice Nic! When summer finally hits the west coast which will probably be June or July, I’ll take it! LOL

Reading this made me wish it were summer already! 🙂

This is a great list, unless you’re the one with the pool. 😉 We’ve got new neighbors with three kids they toss out and let the neighborhood watch. So, my Guy and I are looking into purchasing a high privacy fence so that while we’re in the pool, no little faces can be poking through the chain link as it happens every year. It isn’t that we’re selfish–far from it, but we can’t have the entire neighborhood in it.

This is a great list with a lot of great advice!

I can and can’t wait for summer. ‘-)

Thanks, Jenn! *g*

It’s a bit of a hike to visit your pool, Annmarie, but I’ll keep you in mind for my next vacation.

Major ouch, Michelle. Dang, you must have been miserable. I always remember the sunblock. I have a pale, freckled complexion and burn horribly after only a short time in the sun. I’ve had painful lessons, bunt none as bad as yours.

I don’t blame you at all Heather Rae. Who wants little ones watching you in the pool with hubby. A privacy fence is a must!

I remember summer…sort of. Just reading your list made me crave summer even more. I can’t wait for those hot, sunny days to come!

Mark says:

You couldn’t send us a bit of the heat this way and I’ll send some of the cold in return?

You left off my favorite: go to the movies! Always cool inside. : D

How could I have forgotten the movies. Its a great place to get out of the heat.

Charlene, that was my trick last year. I went to see POTC2 twice even though it wasn’t really good enough, just because the cinema is so over-air-conditioned, it was blissful.

You can keep your summer. I like it cold!

wbcmi says:

Flemming dot
naruto hintai*
drivenforward by the restless spirit within him longed once more

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