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{March 23, 2007}   Missing In Action by Amanda Young


Sara believed Tristan died while stationed overseas. The last thing she expected on the eve of her engagement to another man was to be attacked by a monster…and have Tristan come to her rescue.

To everyone who knew him, Tristan McKade is dead. Only the SCS (Supernatural Control Squad), a top secret division of the military know differently. Sent back to his hometown, Tristan is on the hunt for the serial killer.

Sara McCoy is just beginning to move on with her life without Tristan. Ready to let go of the past, Sara is celebrating her recent engagement. The night is going well—until she notices a man lingering at the back of the room. His resemblance to Tristan too strong to ignore, she follows him outside, where he vanishes.

Unable to concentrate on his assignment, Tristan is determined to let go of the past before more innocent women die. In a bid for closure, he pays a clandestine late night visit to Sara’s house to say a final goodbye to the woman he loves—and the son he never knew he had.

Learning the shocking truth, Tristan and Sara are drawn into a bizarre triangle that pits them against The Mangler, an entity determined to possess Sara at any cost. A bloody battle of mind, body and soul ensues. Only one man will walk away alive—with Sara as his prize.

This is the first book in Mandi’s MIA series and I can’t wait to read the next, which I’m hoping is Shame’s story. <fingers crossed> Missing In Action will keep you engrossed from the first page. Tristan is on very hot alpha knight in tarnished armor. Sara sure can kick some butt when it’s necessary. Together, the two sizzle.

If you enjoy action and suspense, you’ll love this fast paced novel available from Samhain Publishing.


I’ve read this already and I have to say I thought it was fantastic. Mandi is a great writer with a bright future ahead of her. You’re a good friend for promoting her book.

Mandi is great, and I am happy to know have her as a friend. I post recommendations on all the books I really enjoy, if I know the author or not.

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