Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{March 22, 2007}   Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Things I Do To Avoid Working

1. Read someone else’s work.
2. Surf blogs — see extensive list of blogs on right side menu.
3. Create new promo items.
4. Play at my Yahoo group, T&A’s Fantasy Playground.
5. Play email Scrabble at Bug Cafe.
6. Watch music videos at Yahoo Music.
7. Irritate my kids. Hey, it’s payback. LOL!
8. Hunt down new hotties pics for my extensive collection.
9. Search out new My Space friends. Wanna be my friend?
10. Sit outside and watch the neighbors.
11. Stalk my editors.
12. Take a nap.
13. Research.

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Sounds like my procrastination list. I’ll have to add annoying the kids, that’s always fun. LOL.

Jenny says:

hehehe! that is a great list for ur 1st TT! sounds like u are having a lot of fun! i like that attitude…not to take everything seriously, have some fun every now & then…happy TT!

omg e-mail scrabble.

Why do I have the feeling I’m gonna be blaming you for my newest addiction one day soon?

hehehe. Email scrabble is great, Emma. I always have several games going. 😉

I do every single one of these! 😡 And I swear, trolling for new MySpace Friends is totally addictive, isn’t it!?!?


I know that list. I do the same darn things!

Are you sure you didn’t steal my brain cell? Aside from playing Scrabble, this is almost exactly what I do. In the old days, authors used to play solataire but they didn’t have all these cool sites to play on like pogo. Huge procrastination pit for me. But oddly enough, I can think better while playing something. Seriously, if I’m stuck, a game of tumble bees will unstuck me.

Thanks for dropping by, I’m going to add you to my list on the side!

My Space is a total time sucker, Selena! I could troll for friends and mess with my proifle for hours. LOL!

Thanks for adding me, Heather.

Sounds like you’re as bad as I am. Anything to put off working. Shhh…. don’t tell my editors I said that. 🙂

Annmarie McKenna says:

LMAO! *going to check out the email Scrabble* One more reason I won’t be able to write today!

Joely says:

Welcome to TT! I resemble many of these…

I am all about #12! In fact, today’s goal, right after “WRITE WRITE WRITE” is “Resist the urge to nap!” LOL!

Wow some of these feel familiar. LOL And I’m a complete blog surfing addict.

What a great list! I could pick up a few new ideas from it that’s for sure, though I am a professional procrasinator by trade. 😉 I always like to know what others in my trade are doing to keep up the good work. LOL

Kim Knox says:

#12 is my favourite way to avoid writing most of the time LOL

And I’ve friended you *grin*


Loved this list, Nicole. I could have written most of it myself. I spend waaaay too much time blog-hopping, doing MySpace and reading umpteen thousand messages in my yahoo groups.

Ack! email Scrabble? I HATE finding out about this. The last thing I need is another online addiction! LOL

OMG, I have waaaay more than 13 things that I do for procrastination… LOL!! Great, now I’m going to procrastinate thinking of my own list. 😛


Lauren says:

LOL! I did this one last week – it’s a relief to know I’m not the only procrastinator out there~

Ahh, #1, #7 and #12! Although research is always cool. I found the most hilarious time-wasting link yesterday while I was doing research. *ggg*

I like that list because it’s very familiar to my day, especially today. 🙂

Ahhh yes, avoiding writing… I find that Thursday Thirteens are GREAT for that! LOL

Great list Nic, and welcome to TT!

Napping is something we don’t appreciated until we are adults. LOL!

Thanks for befriending me, Kim.

Email scrabble is great! You can set up a game with a few other authors avoiding working. 😉

I always get lost doing research, Charli. End up totally off topic and surfing all kinds of things on the net.

TT is totally another great way to avoid working.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting.

Love seeing what others do to procrastinate. Gives me new ideas for my own list. hehe *g*

robyn says:

I can relate to all those though I’m not up to stalking an editor yet.. might be a good idea.

I sent you a “friend’s request” at MySpace. Hehehe!

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