Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{March 16, 2007}   Shopping Sucks!

Only 29 days left until my daughters wedding…ack! Her grandmother says I don’t get to be the monster-in-law, I have to be nice. Now what fun is there in that? LOL! My daughter is doing good. We expected her to turn into a bridezilla, but she hasn’t.

At least I finally went shopping and found a dress. I hate shopping! Totally did not inherit the shopping gene. It somehow passed me by. Part of the reason is the way they make is so difficult. I went shopping the other night and began trying on dressed. I wear size 12 jeans and have size 12 dresses in my closet that fit, so this is where I started. Nope, zipper wouldn’t go up. Tried a 14 and had the same results. Even the size 16 wouldn’t fit. Now I’m mad. So what did I do? Got angry and left the mall, of course.  

The results of my solo shopping trip got my mother involved. Uh-oh. She dragged me on a marathon shopping trip to three different malls. Can’t tell you how many million dresses I tried on. Have I mentioned that girly clothes are horrible, uncomfortable things designed to make us suffer? I’d much rather wear my jeans and sneakers. Or even my work scrubs, which are like wearing pajamas. 

Sorry, got distracted. Anyway, at the third mall, I finally found a dress that was not completely uncomfortable and I felt would not kill me to wear for several hours. It’s even my normal size 12. Emailed a picture to my daughter and even got her stamp of approval. Woohoo! It was difficult to find a dress that wasn’t either too sexy for the mother of the bride, or too matronly, but I’m happy with what I got. Looks darker in the pictures than it actually is.


Sheesh! By the time all this is done and over, I’m going to need the cruise vacation I got for the kids honeymoon. Booked them a 5 day cruise. They start out in Jacksonville, Florida, spend a day in Key West, another in Nassau, Bahamas, then back home. My brother paid for their shore excursions. They’re going parasailing, snorkeling, and swimming with the dolphins. Sounds like a blast! 


Emma Wayne Porter says:

I like the dress!

And I’m with you: I think someone made a typo the day my shopping gene came up. Somewhere out there is a serious shopaholic named Jean.

I loved your dress for the wedding. You’ll look gorgeous in it.

Thanks Emma & Diane. I’ll be glad when the whole thing is over. LOL!

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