Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{February 26, 2007}   Reading and Writing…No Arithmetic

Whew…what a week I’ve had! I was busy working on Margarita Day with TK last week and then got first round edits for Tamara’s Spirit Friday night. Spent the weekend working the “real” job and darting into the edits cave when things at the hospital were slow. Thankfully, the edits went really well. I’m done for now and happily exhausted.

I’ve decided that I have a serious addiction. A sickness I just can’t fight. The first step is admitting you have a problem right. Okay. Hi! My name is Nicole and I’m a biblioholic! There is no cure or 12 step program to fix this disease. Not that I’d want one anyway.  

Right now I have 90 books on my Ebookwise that I haven’t read yet. Ninety <thud> Holy moly! I had no idea it even held that many. So what am I sitting here doing this morning? Perusing the coming soon page at Samhain to see which books I’ll be buying tonight. Ugh! 

This may require an intervention. LOLOL!


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