Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{February 21, 2007}   Ghost Rider

A few months ago, I made a deal with my son. He goes to see Blood & Chocolate with me, and I go see Ghost Rider with him. I got the short end of the stick! LOL! I sat there watching this movie shaking my head. What the hell were they thinking? A chain-wielding skeleton riding a motorcycle and he’s on fire. Love the flight of fancy thoughts, but come on. Why did Nicholas Cage’s agent even pass the script on to him to read? I mean, wasn’t Wicker Man bad enough. Sheesh!

And Sam Elliot. There’s just something about that man. He could read the phone book to me and I’d be enthralled, but this was just sad. Chewing chaw and spitting a constant stream of tobacco juice. Uck! 

Eva Mendes was also in the movie, and I don’t think it would have been humanly possible to show any more of her fake breasts without her being naked. Her boobs were all up in the camera in every image capture of her. 

AJ thinks because of the way it ended that there will be a Ghost Rider II. No way! Not for me! His father can take him to that one. LOL!


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