Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{February 12, 2007}   Surrender by Kimberly Zant


Desperate straights call for desperate measures—If anyone had asked Anna before what she would be willing to do for money, what she’d just signed up for would NOT have been on the list. She’s discovered, though, that the needy can’t afford to be too picky.

And, after all, what’s six weeks in the scheme of things?

Despite her internal pep talk, though, she discovers she isn’t at all prepared for what she has to face in the mansion of ill repute—where ‘no’ is no longer a part of her vocabulary unless she wants to forfeit the money she needs so badly.  

Rating: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, and some scenes of sex with mulitple partners/ménage a trois.

Oh my! What a sizzling story. One woman, five guys, a bit of mild BDSM and six fun filled weeks in a mansion. And it has a happily-ever-after ending. Whew! I recommend picking up fresh batteries or having the SO around if you’re gonna read this scorcher! 

Surrender is available from New Concepts Publishing


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