Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{December 31, 2006}   Happy New Year 2007!

2006 was both a good year and trying times for me. Of course, life would be boring without challenges and obstacles. And without the bad to balance things out, we just wouldn’t appreciate the good as much. Overall, I consider myself to be greatly blessed! 

Tonight, I will put the past year behind me and begin to focus on the possibilities of the new year. It’s sure to be an interesting ride. I’m hoping to make a big change. Regardless of the drops in the housing market, I’m hoping to sell my house here in Florida. My family and I are ready to leave behind the tropical climate, hurricanes and beaches for an actual change of seasons and the mountains. We are looking to get out of the congested city and go for a slower pace of life somewhere near the Smoky Mountains. I’m cautiously optimistic it will work out as I’d like it to.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions. The way I look at it, I’m a continual work in progress. Each day I try to be a little better and work toward improving myself. Besides, from what I’ve seen, most people don’t honor their resolutions anyway.  

I wish you all a wonderful year full of joy, love and success. May your life be balanced and full, your blessings bountiful. And keep the hope and spirit of the new year alive in your heart. Many great things await us in 2007. 

Hmm…I wonder how long it will take me to remember to write ’07 on checks and paperwork. LOL! Happy New Year!


Oh! Yay, Nic, great change! Um, don’t suppose you’d like a slow pace of life near the Olympic Mountains? We’ve got beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, and a change of seasons if you don’t mind rain. *g*

Ick, no thanks! I spent a week in Oregon with my big brother. He kept telling my you could see Mount Hood from his balcony, but I never did. It was overcast and drizzly the whole week. Put me in a major depression. Finally, on the morning we were driving out of there, the sun shone and we saw Mount Hood in the rearview mirror. Definitely not for me!

We’re looking around the Asheville NC area. A day drive to beaches. Mountains and lakes all around. A change of seasons without major snow. Sounds like heaven, or as close as I’ll ever get.

NJ Walters says:

It sounds absolutely lovely, Nic. I hope it all works out for you. I’d like to move myself sometimes this spring/summer. Hubby and I are going to consider our options over the long, cold winter! Good luck!

Thanks, and good luck to you on moving also, NJ. Hopefully, someplace a bit warmer!

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