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{December 2, 2006}   Yule Be Mine by Charlene Teglia


Jordan Christian is sick and tired of well-meaning relatives trying to hook her up every year over the holidays. The men they choose give her a severe case of the blues, driving her to devise an offensive strategy to combat the bevy of unwanted dates.

The creative author figures a witty singles ad is just the ticket to a stress-free holiday season. With a phony fiancé, she’ll breeze through all the hoopla unscathed, helping her guy to do the same.  

Luke has got to find a way to navigate the murky waters of endless family gatherings filled with countless questions concerning his bachelorhood. Jordan’s ad is like a divine intervention. With the mystical pixie by his side, they’ll survive the holidays together. It’s a great deal, that is until their act turns into something more. Much more.  

It’s been a while since I’ve read a story that captured me right from the start and kept me enthralled until the last word. Yule Be Mine had everything I love in a good book. I was drawn right into the characters lives, invested in what happened. Jordan is a sassy heroine I could picture as a friend or neighbor. Luke is every woman’s fantasy hero. Together they are fabulous. The build-up is intense, the sex scorching hot.

You will feel every emotion, laugh out loud, growl in frustration, cheer in triumph…you’ll do everything except put this story down. Once you start, there’s no stopping. Sleep, who needs sleep? Not when you’ve got a great read providing its own source of energy. 

Don’t miss this wonderful holiday tale releasing from Cerrwiden Press on December 7, 2006.  


NJ Walters says:

I just adored this book!

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