Nicole Austin – Scandalous

{November 28, 2006}   Busy, Busy, Busy …

After a very nice, blessedly quiet Thanksgiving, I finished playing with my shape-shifter novella, Rakahnja’s Haven. The story has been submitted the story to my editor. Now comes the nerve wracking weeks waiting to hear if the book will be contracted or need some changes first. Thank goodness the wait to hear back from my publishers is not too terribly long. I can only imagine what those brave souls submitting their books to NY go through, but I don’t have the internal fortitude to withstand such nail biting anticipation! 

TK and I are working on Margarita Day, the sequel to Mimosa Night. It will likely be a novella length story when we finish it. Then hopefully the two novellas can be paired together and go into print. After that the general plan is to get back to work on Out of the Mist, my faery ménage story and book three of the Corralled series, Jesse’s story, which is not titled yet. So many characters and stories, so little time! <deep sigh>  

Part of my incredibly long writing ‘To Do’ list and in random order:
Out of the Mist – Faery Menage
Margarita Day with TK – Mimosa Night sequel
Alaska Heat with TK – Romantic Suspense
Corralled book 3 – Jesse
Corralled book 4, 5 & 6 – Brock, Riley and Zeke
Raven’s Song – Romantic Mystery/Suspense
Passionate Revelations – Passionate Realities sequel
Time Travel idea
Paranormal dating service/resort idea – novella series
Hospital-based story idea
Character and author meet idea
Rework two Contemporary stories written before I was first published 

Something tells me I won’t be getting too much done before the first of the year. We just celebrated my daughter’s birthday a few weeks ago, and now this week it’s my son’s. I also just realized that we have less than a month to go until Christmas…ack! At least I don’t have much more to do. At the same time I shop for the kid’s birthdays, I also start on my Christmas list. There are only a few things on my list not yet checked off. 

Whew, I’m tired just from thinking about it all!


NJ Walters says:

You forgot to schedule in sleep, Nic. That’s quite a To-Do list, but knowing you, you’ll plow through it one at a time until it’s all done. I can’t wait to check out some of those new books when they’re done. 🙂

I knew I was forgetting something…lol! I’ll have to add sleep on the list somewhere. 😉

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