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{September 8, 2006}   What makes an alpha male hero?

What makes the male character an alpha? What is it about them that captivates us?

Well, a guy either has the innate characteristics or he doesn’t, although the alpha personality can be revealed in varying degrees. Some alphas are totally in-your-face strong and dominant, while others are more subtle about it. I said dominant, not domineering. Big difference there.  

Here’s my definition of an alpha male. He has a magnetic, insatiable sexuality that is impossible to ignore. While he may be very serious for the most part, at times his eyes hold a boyish twinkle which never fails to capture a woman’s heart. Most alpha’s have that rakish, confident and easy-going, bad boy attitude down to a T. They are fun, engaging, energetic, sexy, successful, charismatic, and smart.  

Some people will think he’s arrogant, but it’s just his extreme confidence putting out that vibe. He knows what he wants and stakes his claim, with no doubt as to his right of possession. The alpha male keeps you off balance, surprising you with a burst of charming shyness or deep emotion to keep you guessing.  

He’s charming, and people love to be near him. Other guys want to be him, and women just plain want him. Something about his seemingly aloof, casual disinterest in their obvious desires only makes the ladies want him all the more. He just has that special something which draws you in. 

That’s my idea of the perfect alpha character. What’s yours? What characteristics or actions do you dislike in the alpha hero and what’s essential?


Kelly says:

Nic, you’ve described an Alpha exactly as I think of one!

candy says:

Oh Yeah Baby, love the alpha pics.

You pretty much described my idea of an alpha male. Yes they’re a little bit arrognant and sometimes feel they know whats best for their love interest but in her own way (without him realizing it) she can usually get him to think her way.

When the guy believes it’s his way and there is no compromise then that’s just a jerk and not sexy at all.

Putting his love interests needs first is also sexy.


Annmarie says:

I need an alpha willing to stop a speeding bullet too. I want him to be protective but not overly suffocating, and someone so commited to me, that anyone in public wouldn’t be able to tear him away (women wise) no matter how much they slobbered over him. LOL

I don’t know about the speeding bullet, but protective without suffocating is a good one. Oh and wrapped up in his woman is good too!

Christine says:

For me it’s definitely all of those things mentioned above.

As well as a guy who will show his mate affection in public, hell that is how he’ll stake his claim in most cases. He’ll know when it’s appropriate to take that display of affection to the next level – Like if they are at a party and he just can’t wait to get inside of her, takes her to a room and not only shows her exactly how completely she belongs to him, but how she owns his soul as well. And he doesn’t care that everyone knows what’s been done, but it’s okay because their possession has been staked and he’s proud of it!

I love an alpha who does not allow his mate to talk badly about herself, he believes her to be perfect for HIM, faults and all and that is all that matters.

I know there has to be conflict in books but I don’t like when it stems from an alpha’s negativity. A good alpha knows that he cannot be in all places at all times, he cannot protect her from everything even though that is what he might want. He knows that when things happen, they deal with those things and move on from there.

I like an alpha who isn’t afraid of baring his belly for his mate, who isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself for her. Who might think her friends and quirky, bitchy and insane but still treats them special because they are an important part of his mate’s life.

I like an alpha who knows that it’s not all about sex and lovemaking. He might have first set eyes on her and thought “hell yea I wanna get in her panties” but once that initial perusal is over I want depth. I want him to show that while he might be dominant, strong, stubborn and maybe just a tad arrogant, that he is more than just strong arms to pin her down while staking his claim, more than just those tight washboard abs you can bounce a quarter on, more than thick muscular thighs that can spread hers wide and keep them there right where he wants them, and a luscious cock that can make any woman’s mouth water (maybe most men’s too) with just the thought of it penetrating any one of her orifices (dudes… I so do not mean the nose and ears okay? LOL). Yes, most of us absolutely love the scorching hot sex these alphas give us but really if there is no emotion behind it then it’s just not the same.

I like when an alpha can read his mate’s body language and facial expressions and have a good guess at what she is feeling at that moment. No, I don’t think it’s fair to expect him to read her mind (although that is a bonus in paranormal alphas) but it’s nice that he’s learned her well enough to read her.

I like when an alpha doesn’t know everything, I like when his mate can confuse him, and maybe make him second-guess some things. I think this trait in an alpha can bring some wonderful humor to a story because as women we are reading from a woman’s perspective (of course, lol) and we can sit back and laugh because maybe we know exactly how and why she said or did what she did, whether it was to deflate his over inflated ego a bit or whether it was in hopes of getting spankings.

I like an alpha who is not necessarily wanting to, but willing to give up his life for his mate and children, he’d do anything to protect them, but he’s not rash, he’ll think about what he’s doing, he thinks quickly in situations where time is of the essence. He’s brutal when it comes to threats towards his loved ones, including friends and family.

A good alpha is confident and secure in his masculinity. He can appreciate beauty in many forms including another male. He’s not threatened by appreciating another man’s body, maybe it’s the hard work he knows that goes into that body, but he doesn’t ever feel the need to defend his admiration for it. This does not mean he is gay (NOT there is anything wrong with that! lol… Seinfeld reference there), this simply means IMO, that he can appreciate beauty in many forms.

OH, and you see that alpha right at the top and far right? That’s Jeremy and he ALL mine! So keep your hussy hands and the rest of your hussy body away from him, got it? *VBG*


Wow, Christine! Great comments. Thanks for posting.

LOL! How did I know you were going to warn everyone away from Jeremy. 😀


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